AFF Members and our Qantas Rep act promptly when tragedy strikes

While many of the threads on AFF feature the good things in life, occasionally we get a reminder that others may not be so lucky. Sometimes that journey is not about seeing new places. One day we will all make our final journey, and for some, it’s with the full knowledge of what lies ahead. The knowledge that it’s a one way trip, catching up with loved ones for the last time.

My main motive for joining is to get info on how I can help out a mate who’s wife has just been told she only has weeks to live. She recently beat breast cancer only to be told last week that she is literally riddled tumors, including two in her brain.

They have four kids under 7 and a 6 month old, she is Canadian by birth and they are all flying back to Canada to be with her family when god calls on her.

Normally requests for lounge passes and the like are quickly removed as such solicitation is against our forums rules. (No one wants to see AFF become swap-mart.) However, in this case and in light of the tragic circumstances, the rules were waived as a one off exception. We were all truly sad to hear the terrible news. With new users often unable to send private messages, the administration and moderation team were soon stepping in to help where they could. Our resident Qantas Rep was also on the case in quick time.

Red Roo has been working wonders, I received a call. 20 mins ago from QANTAS, spoke with a very professional and kind woman named Leesa who has organised comp access to Darwin and Sydney lounges and is working hard to try and organise Los Angeles.

Thanks to the help of the teams, it seems at least part of the journey will be made in some comfort. With much work being done in the background, some of our members were even offering publicly to donate points to fund a possible cabin upgrade on the Qantas services. However most of the journey has been booked using the services of another airline, United. In the interests of going the extra distance, our members were not going to let the matter rest there.

There has been some work going on behind the scenes today regarding this situation. Suffice to say, there was a very kind AFF member (they wish to remain anonymous) who contacted me this morning and has assisted Bomi18 and his friends family to get in contact with UA. I can’t share more at this point, but it certainly was great to speak with Bomi18 a number of times today. It is great to see UA and QF both doing what they can, given the time constraints. Thanks Red Roo and the mystery AFF’er .

While the internet can be incredibly impersonal at times, it can also be a conduit that channels all things good about a community as well. This is so clearly demonstrated by the actions of our members and Red Roo (the official Qantas Rep on AFF) this last week. You can catch up on what happened HERE.

In the meantime, the Australian Frequent Flyer Team & its members wish all the best for those affected by this sad tale.


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