A return to the Kangaroo Route for Qantas?

Since Qantas moved its stopover port for QF1 and QF9 Heathrow services to Dubai in April last year, speculation has been rife as to its success and future.

I thought QF was picking up a lot of EK South Asia traffic on DXB-LHR with QF1/2 and 9/10 DXB-LHR-DXB, but have seen some posts suggesting that loads are not as good as expected. So I thought it would be interesting to create a poll and discussion to see what other posters think QF could or should do with QF9

Since the Dubai change, there have been more than a few flight cancellations. With two A380s travelling within hours of each other, there is bound to be an over capacity issue at times. As the tie up matures, it’s clear there is a problem. Figures published by the Government show Qantas losing market share for November (on a year on year comparative basis). And lets not forget the previous years figures were impacted by the grounding.

The Qantas/Emirates alliance offers travellers 7 A380 flights a day into Heathrow. That’s a lot of choice, especially coming off a Dubai stopover. Some have speculated Dubai should be the final destination. Qantas maintain a crew base ex London with conditions that are said to result in lower costs than their Australian equivalent crew. Cutting Heathrow off would negate that saving.

Other members have suggested the flights be retimed

What about retiming QF9/10 to depart MEL mid-late evening (or even after midnight) and depart LHR mid morning, routed via either DXB or SIN? They could then do an immediate turn around from QF 1

Retiming flights makes sense if you can get the landing slots at Heathrow to line up. Qantas leased their excess slots many years ago to British Airways, with that relationship somewhat frosty, British Airways may not be not so understanding when it comes to handing them back. With Heathrow at capacity, retiming is probably out of the question.

So it seems rerouting may be the answer, either finding a new destination after Dubai or a completely different route. France is one alternative but bilateral trade agreements restrict flights to 3 times a week on that route. Germany is another choice, with no such restrictions, but it didn’t work previously in a 747 via Singapore. Perhaps a return to Singapore-Heathrow is the answer?

With Asia still a focus for Qantas, having more than one Asian city serviced by its best equipment makes sense. Timings would not differ too much from the current Dubai routing so slots are retained, yet a different market is on offer to fill that second leg. A market that has just seen British Airways announce A380 flights. Qantas also has its Jetstar Asia hub in Singapore, offering connection potential as well.

Do you think Qantas needs to reassess their Dubai Heathrow options, is it time to go back to Singapore, join the conversation HERE.


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