Some may see it as one of those first world problems; others no doubt wish it was a question they could ask seriously on a regular basis

If money was no object. Europe was your destination. Which first class cabin would you travel in and why? Looking to do that once in a lifetime trip later this year and the choices are all so hard. So getting some feedback from some real world experiences seems to be the best way forward!

Europe has always been popular with the gap year travellers with its differing cultures and easy access to working visas. The fact it’s over the other side of the Globe no doubt helps with the feeling of leaving the nest for the first time being real. Going back a second time when your older, and can afford the finer things in life is tempting, especially when such travel is possible for under $5,000 as we mentioned in a recent Gazette article.

One member weighs in with experiences after travelling in First numerous times, thanks to the tips received on the forum

I have never flown First before this year yet in the past month I have flown it four times. Thanks to the people on this forum and all I have learnt in the past year. The airlines were Qantas, Emirates and Etihad……… So overall Emirates/Etihad and then Qantas (were my preference).

So what makes a First Class journey standout? Is it the service in flight, the food or perhaps the cabin amenities that make the difference? Emirates have been winning a lot of reviews with its in-flight product. Apart from the food, First class passengers have access to a massive bathroom more like home than on a plane, complete with a Shower.

Paddy Jnr & I flew Qantas Sydney-Dubai and Emirates Dubai-London and it was very good indeed… firstly allowing a comparison of the two First Class products, but especially being able to take advantage of the shower on Emirates – just excellent

Etihad on the other hand believe the experience starts on the ground. As you freshen up with a shower for your flight from Abu Dhabi, your clothes can be pressed so you look the best for your journey ahead. While Qantas offer a Spa facility in both their Sydney and Melbourne lounges to get you in the mood for the journey.

It seems each airline has its good points that stand out above the rest. Have you enjoyed luxury travel in the pointy end of First Class? Which airline do you prefer, and what made that journey so memorable, or perhaps you have an upcoming journey posing a few questions, the First Class journey starts HERE.


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