Tips & Tricks to Earn More Flybuys Points

The recent major devaluation of the Woolworths Rewards program has left many former Woolies customers looking to Coles and its Flybuys loyalty program. While Woolworths has axed its partnership with Qantas, Flybuys recently began partnering with Etihad Airways. As Etihad miles can now be earned while shopping at Coles, Flybuys has become significantly more attractive to savvy point collectors.

This week our experienced members offered some handy advice to new members on how to make the most of the Flybuys loyalty program.

Let’s begin with the basics. Flybuys points can be earned at Coles supermarkets, as well as Target, K-Mart, First Choice Liquor, Shell Coles Express petrol stations and various other retailers. One Flybuys point is generally earned for every $1 spent, and there is no minimum spend requirement.

When it comes to redeeming Flybuys points, there are a few options. Points can be converted to supermarket savings at a rate of 2,000 points per $10. Points can also be redeemed with certain partners and for merchandise at the online store. While these redemptions do not offer particularly great value, there is another new option that could be worthwhile. Points can be transferred to Etihad Airways’ Guest program and redeemed for flights on Etihad, Virgin Australia and other partner airlines.

According to one member, the real value lies in the targeted bonus offers. Thousands of points can potentially be earned for very little outlay through targeted deals.

The key with flybuys is the targeted offers. I get 90% of my flybuys points from targeted offers and redeem $10 flybuys dollars once or twice a month. Occasionally I get to take up the offer where 10,000 points ($50) comes as a reward after 4 weeks work.

As the deals are targeted to entice you to spend more than you would on your “average” shop, the trick is to make smaller transactions on a regular basis. By doing this, the spending goals required to earn extra points will be lower and more achievable.

The key is to start your transactions as low as possible. Give flybuys an idea of what product groups you buy but spend as little as possible with each group. This will lead to flybuys eventually sending you offers with targets you can reach easily such as $40 or $50.

Extra points can also be earned for taking out a Coles insurance policy, though our members’ advice is to shop around to check that it really is a good deal, and that the level of cover is also appropriate.

Flybuys members are also advised to be on the lookout for coupons. Members report receiving books of vouchers in the mail several times a year. With deals such as “1000 bonus points for a $60 spend”, one member describes these vouchers as a “goldmine”. Another member suggests always scanning your Flybuys card at Coles, even on small purchases, as a special offer will be generated on each new receipt.

If you scan the FB card when you otherwise wouldn’t (single bottle of milk for example) it will often generate an offer on the docket… Double or triple points.

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