Relaxing in a part of Thailand less travelled

This week we follow a trip to a small Thai island called Ko Tau. It’s so small in fact, that our traveller had never even heard of it before visiting.

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So where is Ko Tau? It is a tiny island off the coast of Samui. Which requires a flight from Bangkok then a ferry ride to get to. Did I tell you it’s monsoon season and one of us here gets a touch of seasickness?

The flights were originally booked in Economy, but after concerns that two overnight flights at the back of the plane didn’t quite fit the bill of being a “rest break” they were cancelled and new seats in Business class were acquired.

With numerous issues regarding bookings and a less than ordinary flight to Bangkok in Emirates’ Business class, the trip does not get off to a great start. But things quickly turn around after arriving in Bangkok.

After a day in the Thai capital the journey continues on a small plane to Koh Samui, followed by a rough boat ride to the small island of Ko Tau. Although the journey was a long one, there’s an exhausting week ahead (not) of relaxing, eating, snorkelling and relaxing some more on the resort island!

With just over a week in Thailand, attempts are made (to little avail) to learn some Thai.

The locals love teaching us furriners their language. I’d already mastered hello due to work I did with Thai Department of Public Welfare a few years ago. Thank you – getting there. The waiter this morning was running through another phrase “I love you”. Awkward with MrP sitting opposite. Not sure what was going on there. That waiter disappeared though when 25 year old son joined us for breakfast.

As the holiday continues, we are treated to lots of interesting pictures of the sights, food and sunsets that are bound to give you a bit of wanderlust.

Despite an enjoyable holiday, the strange experience checking out of the hotel left a sour taste in our traveller’s mouth.

Trip Advisor report I will do might need sensoring…

Will Emirates redeem themselves on the return flight? Find out, plus get a taste of a part of Thailand less travelled by following the trip report HERE.


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