qf-access-deniedOne member this week was unable to secure a Qantas codeshare flight on a return trip to Paris due to the route taken. The flight from Dubai to Paris had to be on an Emirates flight. As a Qantas Club member, our member was assured by the travel agent that access to the Emirates lounge would be permitted. However, after booking and upon further investigation, our member has discovered that access to the Emirates lounge for Qantas Club members is now only permitted when the next onward flight is a Qantas flight.

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One member suggests our rightly annoyed member has a legitimate ground for complaint. The refusal to grant lounge access in these circumstances is a technical one. Our members concur that a retrospective changing of the rules should not be allowed and that lounge access was a valid consideration in the purchase of the fare. Our members suggest that making a polite, straightforward complaint to Qantas is warranted. The situation could be easily remedied by granting access on this occasion.

Given this change in rules, many members are considering boycotting Qantas and instead buying the AA 30 day lounge access pass for future journeys.

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