Qantas' Brisbane international lounge will be expanded.
Qantas’ Brisbane international lounge will be expanded. Photo: Qantas.

Qantas has announced plans to upgrade six of its airport lounges. Qantas lounge upgrades are due for Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Tokyo, Hobart and Tamworth, with work to begin on some lounges later this year. However, there are no immediate plans to upgrade the overcrowded Qantas Singapore Lounge or the outdated Melbourne International Business Lounge.

Here’s an overview of the upcoming Qantas lounge upgrades announced yesterday…

Sydney First Lounge Upgrade

Qantas’ flagship Sydney First Class Lounge will be refreshed and modified to create seating for more guests.

Qantas First Lounge in Sydney
Qantas First Lounge in Sydney

The neighbouring Qantas International Business Lounge in Sydney is already being refurbished to make room for 30% more seats.

New Combined Business/First Lounge for Auckland

Qantas’ Business and First Class lounges in Auckland are well overdue for an upgrade, so this announcement is good news. Qantas will build a new combined Business and First Class lounge in Auckland, using a similar concept to its existing international lounges in Hong Kong, Singapore and London.

Existing Qantas Business Lounge in Auckland
Existing Qantas Business Lounge in Auckland

Some frequent flyers will miss the peace of the existing First Class lounge, which is effectively a Platinum lounge as there are no Qantas First Class flights departing Auckland. But the new, larger space will hopefully have an improved ambience, more dining options and more showers.

Until the upgrade is completed, the Emirates Auckland Lounge remains the best lounge option in Auckland – although it is closed mornings.

Qantas Narita Lounge Upgrade

Tokyo’s Narita Airport is also slated for a Qantas lounge upgrade. The lounge won’t be expanded, but it will receive a makeover and improved catering.

Until the upgrade is completed, the Japan Airlines lounge in Narita’s Terminal 2 remains an excellent alternative for eligible frequent flyers. Unfortunately Jetstar passengers don’t have lounge access in Narita as Jetstar uses Terminal 3.

Qantas Brisbane International Lounge Expansion

Qantas’ Brisbane international lounge opened only a few years ago, but it will be expanded by early next year to add 100 more seats.

Regional Lounge Upgrades for Hobart & Tamworth

The regional Qantas Clubs in Hobart and Tamworth will also receive makeovers. This is particularly welcome news for Hobart flyers. Although the Hobart Qantas Club was refreshed back in 2016, it is still crying out for more space, better food options and more facilities.

That said, one AFF member believes Qantas’ ability to expand its Hobart lounge will depend on Hobart Airport being expanded. The limited space at this airport has also prevented Virgin Australia from building a lounge there. Virgin originally promised to build a Hobart lounge back in 2012.

No Upgrade for Qantas Singapore Lounge

Some members believe that the Qantas Singapore Lounge and Melbourne’s international Business lounge are in more desperate need of an upgrade. The Qantas Singapore Lounge is overcrowded most evenings, and some frequent flyers have nicknamed the Melbourne Business Lounge “the dungeon” due to its lack of natural light and poor catering.

Qantas international Business Lounge in Melbourne
Qantas international Business Lounge in Melbourne

Nonetheless, these Qantas lounge upgrades are welcome news and it’s good to see Qantas investing in a better experience for its frequent flyers.

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