Qantas Club alternatives in Paris

For the less frequent traveller, a Qantas Club membership can offer exclusive services and privileges that make a long journey just that little bit easier. While Qantas may have flights to a particular destination, there is no guarantee a Qantas Club will be available at every location. Having just spent significant money on a 2 year Qantas Club membership, one of our members was a little miffed to find that even at some of the more popular cities in the world, a reciprocal arrangement is not on offer.

As part of my education in being a Qantas club member, to my disbelief I have just found that there is no reciprocal arrangement to access a lounge at CDG when homeward bound to Adelaide.

Apart from the obvious feeling of why Qantas would think it acceptable to take a booking ( yes it is code share with Emirates but still a Qantas booking) but not provide the expected access to a lounge, is there anyone able to suggest if a day pass can be purchased for a lounge near the departing terminal.

Things were not always so bad, especially for travellers to Europe. When the Joint Service Agreement was in place with British Airways, quite a few European cities had a British Airways lounge that could be used. Paris however, was never part of that agreement. With the Qantas Club membership offering no access to any lounge, other lounge schemes need to be considered.

The first step is to have a look at what your credit cards might offer. Some Amex cards, depending on product type and issuing country, offer free membership to Priority Pass. With over 600 lounges worldwide, chances are a lounge will be available in an airport you might be flying from. Similar lounges are also on offer at various ports to Diners Club holders. While rarely up to the standard of the Qantas Club when it comes to food and drinks, at least you can get a shower and possibly some work done, which is not bad for what often is a free membership.

At many cities, there are also other options. American Airlines Admirals Clubs, a scheme similar to the Qantas Club, appear to offer access at anytime to their members. And there is no need to present an AA boarding pass. With a low cost 30 day pass on offer, and an Admirals Club at Paris, the question was how easy was it going to be to access? As it turns out, very easy. It’s not far from the departing gate and there appears to be no security issues.

Based on our research, we have confirmed that you can certainly access the lounge without any extra security process as Terminal 2A and 2C are all in the same security area.

With a little help from our community, our member now has a solution to their problem. Have you been caught out by no Qantas Club or reciprocal facility, what did you do? Join the conversation HERE.


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