Preferential Access to Qantas Classic Reward Seats (wiki content)

The Preferential Access to Qantas Classic Reward Seats wiki page concerns the requesting of extra award seats on Qantas by virtue of having a higher status tier. This benefit is open to Qantas Frequent Flyer members who have attained Silver tier and upwards, but the higher your status the more likely you will be to get a seat released.


The terms and conditions state: 20.9.1 Qantas Loyalty may at its discretion provide Members who have a Membership level above Bronze with additional allocations of or preferential access to selected Classic Flight Reward seats on Qantas operated flights when available.

In addition, it is noted on the Tier Benefits page: On selected flights, preferential access provided to Gold and Platinum members may be above the access available to Silver and Bronze members. Classic Flight Reward seat availability is limited and some flights may not have any Classic Flight Reward seats. When seats are available, preferential access is provided at and from Qantas Telephone Sales and Qantas offices, excluding some international locations (Award Assistance Fee applies to assisted bookings).

Further, Gold members may see more availability than Silver and Bronze; Platinum members may see more than Gold, Silver and Bronze; and Platinum One members receive access to extra seats above all others.

In Practice

Platinums and above can request for award seats to be released.

For your request to be passed on to Revenue Management for approval, there will need to be sufficient seats available in the following fare classes:


  • Domestic Business – D
  • Domestic Economy – N
  • International First – A
  • International Business – I
  • International Premium Economy – T
  • International Economy – Q

Platinum One / Chairman’s Lounge / Chairman One:

  • Domestic Business – D
  • Domestic Economy – N
  • International First – F
  • International Business – D
  • International Premium Economy – R
  • International Economy – L

To check for flight availability, search on Expert Flyer or place a request on AFF’s Flight Availability Help Desk thread.


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