middle-seatOne member this week seeks guidance on the correct flight etiquette when faced with a vacant seat in the middle of a three seat row. On a recent trip this flyer experienced fellow pax acting, in their view arrogantly, by completely dominating the vacant middle seat for their own possessions and food tray.

Some members believe the appropriate flight etiquette is that the vacant middle seat is a shared space and both passengers have equal rights to use it. One member suggests that a degree of forthrightness is required and in some cases it might be necessary to claim ownership by simply placing your possessions there. Others take a polite approach and simply ask their fellow passenger if they are happy to share. If all else fails one member suggests having the flight attendant assist.

Whilst it may appear rude, some members suggest that the conduct may not be deliberately so. For some passengers who fly frequently, they may inadvertently possess the vacant seat by way of habit alone.

Tell us your tips and hints for in-flight etiquette HERE.


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