medic-on-boardIt appears that doctors are always “on-call”, even whilst en route to a holiday. One member shares their experience about answering the call on board for a medic in an emergency situation. This medic was extremely impressed with the medical and physician kits available to assist in an on-board emergency. This member encourages all in the health profession to answer the call for help if made whilst travelling on a flight. This member also reassures all that the telephone medical service is also there to provide advice and guidance.

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It is a big responsibility though. Those assisting onboard also can shoulder some of the responsibility of determining if a flight ought to be diverted or grounded due to a medical emergency. Concerns about exposing yourself to law suits were also in discussion. Many countries have “good Samaritan” laws which protect doctors on board when assisting in emergency medical situations. On the contrary, there may be penalties for NOT assisting in an emergency situation when you have the medical qualification to do so. Insurance policies held by carriers should also have an indemnity to protect medical professionals assisting mid-flight.

This topic raised some interesting discussions by our members. One member marveled that there always seemed to be a medic on board in these situations by chance and not by choice.

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