Manners don’t always maketh the Frequent Flyer

If you have ever spent time people watching, it’s probably fair to say you may have noticed some trends in the way folk act. Depending on the location and event, you might see the best of human behaviour, or you might see the worst. Many of our members spend considerable time in airline lounges, and have recently had something to say about what has been observed.

I was in the VA lounge last week and had ordered a barista drink. There you order and wait to one side while it’s made with all the other orders. I saw people’s orders called and they would come up and take their “skim latte soy mochachinos” without even a glance at the person serving them and barely a grunt of acknowledgement if anything. I saw five people in a row do this and then one woman said “thank you” as she picked up someone else’s drink for them. When it was my turn I looked the barista straight in the eye and said “thank you very much”.

While flying may not be as glamorous as it was in the past, some people seem to have possibly forgotten their upbringing. As children, the lack of a please or thank you was often picked up by the parents and quickly corrected. In today’s world, it seems many customers no longer think manners are relevant. And it is not limited to just the Virgin Lounge.

I experienced something similar in the MEL F lounge a few weekends ago, myself and +1 were waiting at the entrance to the F lounge dining area, we were greeted and were told it would be about 3-4 mins for the staff to clear and clean the table next to the window. We thanked the staff member and stood patiently, meanwhile your typical DYKWIA waltzed past us, went straight for the empty table that the staff were cleaning for us and started to sit down. Then Karma came into play, with the staff member saying sorry Sir you will have to wait for a table like everyone else, this one is already allocated to the people (us) waiting over there. The staff member then thanked us for being so patient and commented that people like him are in the lounge everyday unfortunately for them and for other courteous pax who have to deal with them.

For those that do think manners are relevant, it’s possible a better experience may be had as a result of that simple please or thank you. It might be unexpected exit row seating or the best table in the lounge. Taking that little bit of effort to show interest and appreciation in someone can make for a fruitful experience. Some of our members even report taking things a little further, with boxes of chocolates often well received by lounge staff or cabin crew.

Have you spent time in the airport lounge recently and noted how people behaved? Do you go the extra mile and leave a thank you gift. Have your say HERE.


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