Travelling First Class? Surely lounge access will be included if your airport has one. It may come as a surprise for some, but that is not always the case. For many in the United States, travelling first class domestically will often see entry to the lounge refused. With a pending trip coming up, one of our members was keen to find out what they could expect as a local frequent flyer with status.

Hi all – am travelling a fair bit in the US over coming weeks. Appreciate confirmation or info on lounges I may be able to access, plus what I can expect in them, from the experts. Have seen a few posts here and on FT but am not clear. I have also been given different messages when checking-in to airports in the US a couple of years ago, so keen to know what I am entitled to.

Travelling on AA (plus one or two US Airways) flights. Always in First. All are US domestic only. And I’m One World Emerald. By my reckoning I should be able to access all Admirals Club, Flagship and US Air lounges. Is this right?

Luckily as a One World Emerald member, lounge access will indeed be granted despite travelling domestically in any class. But our members sound a few warnings about what to expect. It seems we might be spoiled when it comes to lounges, and what’s inside.

Yes, One World Emerald gives you lounge access. Dont expect too much, they aren’t like Aussie lounges. A few basic snacks and a cash bar. Though they will give you a drink coupon or two.

While the locals have to pay for some drinks, fortunately the visitors will often get vouchers so the premium drinks are free in many lounges. And if you run out, you can always ask for more. If your after something more to nibble on than some nuts or pretzels, make sure you are happy to pay for it.

The spicy trail mix does not do it for me -I’m still in shock after I was asked USD8 for a sandwich in the SFO Admirals club in September… While Qantas Clubs/lounges food is nothing to write home about, it’s still there

Another handy hint from our members when it comes to food and drinks is not to forget tipping those who serve you. While it may not help with the food, its said tipping can result in servings that soon resemble cocktails in alcohol content, if that’s what you fancy.

With lounges varying by airport and sometimes even by terminal, being specific about your plans can help when it comes to knowing what to expect. It can also mean you wont miss the better lounges at a given airport. Have you got a trip coming up soon and would like to know what to expect, why not ask the question HERE.


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