Qantas’ low-cost sibling “Jetstar” suffers from a serious case of “second-child syndrome”. Jetstar is expected to perform at the same level as Qantas. It is compared to Qantas in matters of service, quality and punctuality. It is even expected to compete with its much more mature sibling. One member this opines that Jetstar should have never been born at all and they can see no reason why Jetstar continues to have a viable place in the Qantas family.

Some members believe that Jetstar has earned its place within the Qantas brand and that it cannot be compared to Qantas as it was established to have a very different purpose. The principle selling point for Jetstar is that it is designed to be low-cost. Qantas also established the Jetstar brand to compete with other low-cost carriers which were set to swamp the market such as the then Virgin Blue, Asia-Air and Tiger. Jetstar has also opened a space in the market to allow greater access for people to fly.

Our Jetstar flying members all acknowledge that they puchase Jetstar fares knowing that the level of service and comfort will differ from Qantas. The old adage “you get what you pay for” certainly rings true. However, some members have found that the savings are too great to pass up and they prioritise a great deal over a great deal of added luxury.

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