Involuntary rebooked from Qantas to Jetstar – your choices

Last week we looked at changes and cancellations and their effect on your frequent flyer program, but what happens when an airline offers a change from a full service carrier to a low cost one

Hi everyone, a family member was booked on QF 77/78 in late July. The route was recently axed by Qantas, so we were expecting something to change – change just came through today and she was put onto Jetstar Asia for PER-SIN-PER.Is this normal procedure? I don’t think Jetstar Asia is equivalent to ‘full-service’ Qantas!

Just prior to the announcement of the change, there was an ominous sign things were about to change. The timing of the Qantas flight was moved to one which was within 5 minutes of the Jetstar service. For an airline that was struggling with making a profit, competing with your own low cost carrier seemed a strange move. Something had to go, and it proved to be the Qantas flight.

When an airline looks at cancelling a service, it must reaccommodate passengers on an alternative service as part of its contract with the customer. Obviously its preference will be to find a service that’s offering the lowest cost, in this case the Jetstar service. But it must also be an equivalent type of offering, so as to not fall foul of consumer laws, specifically regarding “bait and switch” tactics. The service must represent what was advertised in the first place. For some, Jetstar does not offer an equivalent

Yes, It has happened to me too and I agree – definitely not equivalent

So what do our members do, when it comes to negotiation, the saying “never accept the first offer” often is true. Qantas, like many other airlines, publish a policy on what options are available when changes occur. Knowing that policy and your options can make a big difference

All pax now re-routed on Malaysian via Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Isn’t it wonderful how a change of customer service representative and a day makes. Kudos to Rowena, very helpful and knew all the options. Thanks also to AFFers for their advice and comments.

Have you had Qantas cancel your flight and want to know if Jetstar is a good alternative or what your options are, please share your experience HERE.


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