Hyatt Overhauls Loyalty Program

hyatt-hotelHyatt Hotels will completely overhaul its loyalty program from March 2017. Hyatt Gold Passport, Hyatt’s current rewards program, will become “World of Hyatt” as a host of changes are made to status benefits and the way in which status is earned.

Replacing the existing Platinum and Diamond status tiers will be three new levels, the bizarrely-named “Discoverist”, “Explorist” and “Globalist”. While Discoverist will be somewhat easier to earn than the existing Platinum tier, the highest Globalist status will require ten more annual nights than the current requirement for Diamond status. Explorist status will be a new tier in the middle.

While there are no changes to earning and redeeming points for free nights, it appears that the benefits of Hyatt status will be devalued considerably. Changes include a loss of guaranteed late check-out and a devaluation of the upgrade benefit.

This is a guttering of Gold Passport. Whether you consider them good or bad, the changes are widespread and significant. A wonderful program is no more.

There will also be a potentially significant change to the way in which status is earned. Currently, status is earned for either a minimum number of nights, or a certain amount of total stays, per calendar year. Under the new program, total stays will no longer be considered. To earn status, you’ll need to stay a minimum number of nights. But you’ll also now be able to earn status based on a minimum spend per year, or for booking meetings at a Hyatt property.

This all but signals the end of “mattress runs” with Hyatt, as there will be no longer be any advantage in switching hotels mid-stay.

Mattress running for Hyatt is now no more, given whether you spend three nights in three hotels or three nights in the one hotel you’re still ending up with the same outcome towards status.

The good news is that all current Hyatt status holders will receive the benefits of their existing status under the new program for the first year.

I just requalified Diamond this week, so am grateful I’ll have effectively a year to trial out the new system and see if it works.

If you’re keen to take advantage of the current (more generous) status qualification requirements, there is one loophole that could work in your favour. World of Hyatt will replace the Gold Passport program from 1 March, 2017. So, if you’re able qualify for status under the current program in the first two months of 2017, you’ll receive the benefits of that status for a full two years!

The new system starts March 1st. Until then Qualification is as per the current program – so 25 Stays or 50 nights between Jan 1 and Feb 28th will earn Diamond [until February 2019].

Will you be affected by the changes? Join the discussion HERE.


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