The Explorer Credit Card (wiki content)

Existing Amex cards

  • bonus points generally still seem to be applied, even where you have an existing card;
  • applications should be done at your own risk though since the T&C specify that the bonus shouldn’t apply; and
  • downside risk is actually minimal though (apart from a credit enquiry marker) as the financial cost can be recouped if no travel credit or points are transferred.

De-linking cards

  • members with existing cards may have their explorer linked to an existing reward scheme (ascent premium), in which case the bonus points won’t be credited;
  • call up to de-link the cards (split out to ascent and gateway) and once you hit the $1,500 spend the bonus points should be credited; and
  • spend of $1,500 must occur on the gateway program for the points to apply.

Linking cards

  • members have had luck linking the two reward programs together (suggestions indicate to call during late at night/weekends to hit international call centres US/Phillipines, etc and it’s a mixed bag in terms of whether you call the MR line or the back of the card number);
  • I personally called the Platinum charge line, as the wait times are shorter and the staff seem more knowledgeable (but that might be exactly the issue, given it might be a glitch); and
  • Risk to linking the cards is members are reporting missing points (some have been due to timing delays).


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