$400 of Annual Dining Credits for Amex Platinum Cardholders

Amex Platinum card at restaurant
The Amex Platinum card now comes with Global Dining Credits. Photo: American Express.

American Express Platinum Charge cardholders can now access annual dining credits worth up to $400.

The Amex Platinum Global Dining Credit benefit was added earlier this month and comprises of two separate credits each worth $200, which will reset each calendar year until at least the end of 2024.

The “Local Dining Credit” is worth $200 and can be used at participating restaurants in Australia. These include around 105 Australian restaurants located across all states and territories except Northern Territory.

Separately, the “Abroad Dining Credit” can be used at over 1,000 participating restaurants overseas across New Zealand, Asia, Europe and North America including around 44 locations in New Zealand. The Abroad Dining Credit is also worth the equivalent of AU$200. (When spending on your card overseas, the amount in foreign currency will be converted to Australian Dollars and there will be a 3% currency conversion fee which is not covered by your Dining Credit.)

A full list of participating restaurants is available on the American Express website.

How to access the Amex Dining Credits

Amex Platinum primary cardholders can access these benefits through their Amex Offers. A one-time enrolment will be required to access both the Local Dining Credit and Abroad Dining Credit, which will renew at the start of each new year until 2024.

After activating these offers, you’ll be able to access 100% cashback at participating restaurants, up to a value of $200. At the restaurant, you’ll need to pay the bill using your American Express Platinum card. The full amount does not need to be spent in one transaction.

According to the terms & conditions, this benefit is only available when dining in and excludes gift card purchases. It’s not available when ordering takeaway or delivery and the payment needs to be processed directly with the restaurant (not a third party such as Menulog). The Global Dining Credit is not available on additional cards.

Other Amex Platinum benefits

With a $1,450 annual fee, the American Express Platinum card in Australia is not cheap. But it also comes with some valuable benefits that justify its annual fee.

In addition to the new dining credits worth up $400 per year, Amex Platinum cardholders can access a $450 annual travel credit. Card benefits also include elite status with several hotel loyalty programs, Accor Plus membership and access to multiple airport lounges.

Amex Platinum cardholders can also earn 2.25 Amex Membership Rewards points per $1 spent in Australia, which can be converted at a 2:1 rate to 10 frequent flyer programs including Qantas Frequent Flyer, Velocity and KrisFlyer.


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anyone else see local and overseas dining credits of $200 each per year?

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Looks like Amex has launched a new Platinum benefit - $200 "Platinum Dining credit" towards a list of global restaurants here:


Save this benefit to your Card by 31/12/2024 and spend at participating local restaurants to get 100% back up to a maximum of $200 per calendar year. Terms, payment restrictions and future communications about this benefit will apply.


  • These Benefit terms (including the benefit description above) set out the key terms of our Platinum Global Dining Benefit, which includes the Local Dining Credit.
  • Enrolled Card Members will be eligible to receive a maximum of $200 back on spend at participating local restaurants per redemption period. Spend can be in one or more transactions.
  • Participating restaurants can be found here. For clarity: “participating local restaurants” means participating restaurants located in Australia. Participating restaurant list subject to change, please check before you dine as you may not be eligible for the credit.
  • A one-time enrolment is required for the Local Dining Credit via your Amex Offers from 5 July 2022 and Card Members will automatically be enrolled for the following redemption periods from their enrolment date and do not need to re-enrol. The final date to enrol and spend for the Local Dining Credit is 31 December 2024.
  • Benefit resets annually on 1 January until 31 December 2024. The redemption periods are:
    • 05 July – 31 December 2022
    • 1 January – 31 December 2023
    • 1 January – 31 December 2024
  • Credit not redeemed during the applicable redemption period will not roll over to the following redemption period and will expire. Your Card must be charged prior to the end of each redemption period (31 December) to be eligible for the credit within that redemption period.
  • This Benefit is available to Primary American Express Australia Platinum Card Members only. If you switch to a new Card product that is not eligible for this benefit, enrolment will be removed from your Card Account. If a Card you hold is ineligible, you will not be able to see the benefit, nor will you be able to save the benefit to the Card. If you are no longer eligible for this benefit due to a change in Account status, including but not limited to fraudulent flags, suspension or cancellation, it will be removed from your Account.
  • Benefit only available for dine in services. Benefit excludes purchases of gift cards and vouchers, transactions made towards deposits charged upfront by the venue, cancellation and no-show charges, take away or dine-at-home services.
  • Benefit limited to the Card to which the offer is saved and only spend on this Card counts towards the benefit. Transactions made with an Additional Card are not eligible for the credit.
  • Excludes transactions made through a third-party establishment or payment processor.
  • Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
  • Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 150 days from the transaction date.
  • Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.
  • Full Offer Terms available here

A nice offer for a change. $200 for local dining and $200 for dining abroad.

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click to expand...

I see 2.
$200 for local and another $200 for global restaurants

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Indeed, I missed the fact there are two! This is a significant improvement.

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This is a good offer, of course noting that this is dine-in only at select restaurants.

Not going overseas this year unfortunately, but yes I can use it in 2023.

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Platinum Card
$200 dining credit local
$200 dining credit overseas

Credit is yearly! Pretty happy about this one

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Platinum Card
$200 dining credit local
$200 dining credit overseas

Credit is yearly! Pretty happy about this one

I was about to cancel. Will have to wait a few weeks to cash in here and on my trip to NZ in 2 weeks.

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I was about to cancel. Will have to wait a few weeks to cash in here and on my trip to NZ in 2 weeks.

Lucky you didn’t!

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anyone else see local and overseas dining credits of $200 each per year?

Yes, I have $200 credit for local and $200 for overseas.

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