Changi Transit Overnight – What to do with your bags?

Many of our members still find Singapore an ideal transit point to onward destinations. In fact, Singapore can also be a good place to buy cheap tickets, although often on a different carrier to the one that you flew in on. To ensure the connection is met, some like to book an overnight stay at Changi. But that can present problems when it comes to baggage.

In early May we are flying Bali to Singapore on Tiger airways, arriving 1140pm Terminal 2 then back to London on Emirates (QF flight number) that morning at 9:35am Terminal 1. Of course, they are separate itineraries. One thing I am not clear about, however:

That morning will we pick the bag up, clear immigration, go to Terminal 1 and check in as a normal passenger (only to go through immigration again) OR That morning, do we go to the transfer desk airside (In terminal 2 or 1?) and check if they can issue a boarding pass and call through to lost luggage to retag our bags to London? Then transfer to Terminal 1 thus avoiding the need to clear immigration and extra lounge time

One of the common mistakes many travellers make is to clear immigration to collect bags on arrival. This often makes sense at other airports and it helps relieve any anxiety when it comes to bags going astray, but if you cannot checkin the night before the next flight, there is no way to get back airside to the transit hotel. Changi airport offers a lost baggage service that stores any left baggage on the belt.

after a period (they) take them over to the lost luggage area, which is all out in the open with a chain through all the bag handles and locked so you can walk through and find your one, look interested in it, and the person related to it comes over and checks you have the luggage receipts for the bags in question and let’s you have them. It is a uniquely common thing in SIN given the unique arrangements of the transit hotels or people remaining in transit for periods of time before coming out to recheck bags 3 hours prior to their next flight.

The other method involves approaching one of the transfer desks. All going well, the agent will ask to see your baggage tag, and onward flight details. If you don’t have a boarding pass, often one will be provided, along with a baggage receipt for the new flight. While you’re sleeping, someone will retrieve your bags and retag them, then send them on their way. Some of our members have reported that this option often sees bags going astray, so perhaps it’s not the ideal solution.

Changi airport is good at making your problem their problem and trying to fix it, have you been in a similar situation, what did you do and did it work? Post your comments HERE.


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