British Airways’ New Domestic Club Europe

British Airways recently began offering Club Europe (which is what BA calls its short-haul Business class) on UK domestic flights. While British Airways has long offered a Business class product on its European short-haul flights, UK domestic flights until recently were an Economy-only affair.

Our member Princess Fiona recently sampled British Airways’ new Club Europe offering on a UK domestic flight, and they’ve taken the time to post about their experience.

BA has recently started selling Club on its U.K. Flights. It’s the usual converted economy seats with a “meal” provided. Y is now buy on board and fairly outrageous prices.

The first I heard of this was when my carefully selected and much loved 1A became something in double digits !! Fixed that up with a paid upgrade at the airport.

Like Business class on most European short-haul flights, BA’s Club Europe is not quite up to the standard of Australian domestic Business class. On most European airlines, including British Airways, Business class seats on short-haul flights are actually just Economy seats with a blocked middle seat. The legroom is no different to Economy class.

The lack of differentiated seating is great for the airlines, as they can easily alter the number of Business class seats between flights by moving the Business class curtain. This means they can create as many Business class seats as demand dictates for that flight.

But it’s not so great for customers. One member comments…

Would it kill them to put some proper J seats in?

…to which another member responds…

Not saying I disagree with your point but the reason why BA does Club Europe like it does is because it can adjust the number of rows to J as it likes.

Provides flexibility but also provides by our standards here in Aus a poor product. Would be hard to do that with a proper fixed J seat.

With an underwhelming hard product, the “soft product” is the key differentiator between Economy and Business class on British Airways short-haul flights. As well as lounge access, Business class passengers receive complimentary meals and alcohol on board. Sandwiches were served on Princess Fiona‘s flight.

In Economy, British Airways now charges for food and drinks – including water – on its short-haul European flights.

The domestic Club Europe product is by no means revolutionary, but at least one member believes that it does represent a serious improvement for UK domestic flights.

UK Domestic Flights were just a disgrace. Even with an F-Ticket you sat in an Eco-Only cabin (with the risk of sitting next to Jabba the Hutt). So it is a real improvement.

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