Brazil – A hazard to your waistline?

After some difficulties with a North American Winter, our roving member, Mattg, heads this week to South America, specifically Brazil and Peru. No doubt many will be heading to Brazil later this year for the World Cup, so it’s a good time to find out what’s on offer. While many visit the country as tourists, how many get to see the country the way locals do?

First stop after an uneventful flight notable only for its on time performance is Belo Horizonte, or “Beautiful Horizon” in Portuguese. Not known for its tourist attractions, the city is home to 5 Million people, so why go there? It seems Mattg ran into his friends in Germany last year, and was invited to stay with them as part of his trip. Such invites can have unforseen benefits/pitfalls

My friend’s mum likes to cook as well, and every meal was like a feast full of different cuisine from Minas Gerais (the state in Brazil where Belo Horizonte is located).

If I stayed for any significant length of time, I would probably leave fat and engaged. Why engaged, you might ask? Firstly, because the women in Brazil are so beautiful, and secondly because everyone seemed to be trying to set me up with one girl or another at every possible opportunity.

As our correspondent found out, Belo Horizonte is known for its local food and drink. Like any large city there are local markets specialising in the cuisine, typically heavy comfort food like Pork Ribs and Chicken with Ocra. Local music and dancing also often feature. Had it been later in the year, the Comida di Buteco festival in April (“Pub Foods” is the approximate translation) would have been worth a visit. Over 41 bars are selected to participate & are judged on the best appetiser they can produce.

Football seems to be the exercise of choice when it comes to burning off those calories, be it playing or just going to a game. It’s a sport Brazilians take seriously – where else can a team be called lazy for a win that had a 2-0 scoreline? What appears to be not taken seriously is the preparation for the World Cup. Despite hosting it first in 1950, things may not be all done when it comes to kickoff time.

What other experiences are in store for our traveller, what strange attraction did they visit that will never be seen in Australia?

Do you have questions about an upcoming trip, join the adventure HERE.


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