This week we look at a trip report that’s on the bucket list for many travellers, using points to go around the world.

To do this, many travellers make use of a OneWorld award. Offering good value, travel for up to 35,000 miles can be made for just 140,000 points plus taxes as a return trip in Economy. That return trip can have up to five free stopovers as part of the journey, and travel must include at least three OneWorld carriers, making it ideal for an around the world itinerary. Business class and First class is also available, for 280,000 and 420,000 points plus charges, with the same rules.

While there have been records for the fastest journey around the world via various modes of transport, our member won’t be setting any as they enjoy making the most of those precious points.

After about 2 years of planning I am currently sitting in the Qantas Business Lounge in Sydney about to board the first of many overseas flights that won’t see me back to Australia to 30 August.

Starting such an epic journey with a Dash 8 flight is probably not the choice of many, but residents of Canberra are used to them as they connect to their closest international services. With a meal in the Sydney Business lounge completed, and a short Jetconnect hop across the ditch, our correspondent is soon catching up with friends in Auckland.

The next day sees the journey become less familiar for many of our members, with a departure from Auckland to South America on LAN airlines. Prior to the flight, it’s time to explore two of the lounges in Auckland thanks to a Priority Pass membership and Qantas status.

Visited the Emperor Lounge first courtesy of my Priority Pass membership through AMEX. First time using it. Lounge basically has two rooms, one with food and a self serve bar (no spirits) and another quiet one with just a self serve bar. Was only about 25 mins to boarding so thought I would check out the Qantas lounge… The food looked more like the Domestic Qantas Club than the International lounge but I didn’t have any.

Like many travellers, they discover on boarding that having a Qantas flight number is usually one of the few things that’s Qantas about a code share flight. They also encounter some differences in seating compared to the Expertflyer map and an In Flight entertainment system that refuses to cooperate and work. What other problems will arise on such an epic journey, follow along HERE.


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