Amex Increases Centurion Annual Fee to $6,500

Amex Centurion card
The most expensive American Express card in Australia just got $1,500 per year more expensive.

American Express has increased the annual fee for its invitation-only Centurion charge card by $1,500 per year, bringing the new annual fee to a whopping $6,500.

For the additional annual fee, Amex Centurion cardholders can look forward to new benefits such as a choice of metal card designs and “contactless Prada x Centurion wearables”.

Existing and new Amex Centurion benefits

The Amex Centurion card is not available to the general public. You need to be invited to apply, and there’s a $5,000 initiation fee in addition to the new annual membership fee of $6,500. So, this card is clearly not for everyone.

But this card does come with some excellent perks. As well as earning frequent flyer points at a higher rate than any other Australian credit card, existing Amex Centurion benefits include:

  • Complimentary Qantas Club membership
  • Emirates Skywards Gold status
  • Access to Amex Centurion lounges
  • Accor Plus membership
  • Instant elite status with Hilton Honors, IHG One Rewards, Shangri-La Circle, Marriott Bonvoy & Radisson Rewards
  • Personal concierge services
  • Airfare discounts
  • Airport escort services
Amex Centurion Lounge entrance at LAX
Centurion Lounge entrance at LAX. Photo: American Express.

Following the $1,500 increase to the Amex Centurion annual fee, American Express is also offering the following additional benefits to cardholders in Australia:

  • A choice of two new metal card designs
  • Two contactless Prada x Centurion wearables
  • An increase to the number of partners in the Fine Hotels + Resorts & Hotel Collection
  • More restaurant partnerships with exclusive “Centurion table” access
  • Departure airport transfers are now available on return domestic Business Class bookings, in addition to international bookings, when the flights and accommodation is booked through Centurion Travel Service
  • Access to “Centurion Signatures”, a “destination experiences program”

The new metal card designs have already been rolled out overseas.

New American Express Centurion card designs
New American Express Centurion card designs.

The Prada x Centurion wearable is a black leather bracelet that can be used as a wearable card for contactless payments.

Australian Frequent Flyer member CSS posted on the AFF forum:

Centurion members should have now received a letter in the mail regarding increase of annual fee from AUD $5,000 to AUD $6,500. Alongside the annual fee increase, the new artistic cards and the Prada x Centurion wearables will be available soon.
My RM advised they were under pressure from Global AMEX to increase the annual fee around 18 months ago but AMEX Australia kept pushing it back due to the lockdowns.
CSS, 5 May 2022

Are these additional benefits worth the extra $1,500? That’s for cardholders to decide. But as this card is now more than $5,000 more expensive than Australia’s second-most expensive charge card (the Amex Platinum), some Centurion members may now be reconsidering whether it’s worthwhile.

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30% inflation, in line with property prices over last couple years. *sarcasm*

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What's being offered for the extra $1500?

Reply 4 Likes

I hope this doesn't mean that another annual fee increase is on the cards for the Platinum Charge Card.

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Someone shared the below photo of the letter in an Amex Facebook group. New FHR properties coming apparently - good news for Plats. No mention of the replacement for the Global Dining Collection.. so that might be quite a while away.

View image at the forums

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Anyone know if the initiation fee has also increased?

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Even from someone who wouldn't consider Centurion, that seems a pretty weak justification for the $ increase. I like FHR but it's pretty easy to find properties (though some of the London ones are eye-wateringly expensive) and I expect it's just new high-end hotels opening. The experiences would have to be good.

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I’m disappointed but not surprised. Prices for everything are going up. At least it’s cheaper than my barber who increased their cost by 100% (there s a small difference in cost having said that).

I’ve go to say, the initiatives during the pandemic were useful and I’ve heard they cost Amex quite a bit so the funding for them has to come from somewhere.

The new ‘benefits’ are pretty much putting lipstick on a pig. It is what it is and they’re not especially of interest to me - particularly as we’re not using our cards but Apple Pay not sure of the value of an art card. I understand delivering bad news to customers is never easy. My 2 cents worth. YMMV.

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Someone shared the below photo of the letter in an Amex Facebook group. New FHR properties coming apparently - good news for Plats. No mention of the replacement for the Global Dining Collection.. so that might be quite a while away.

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That's a lot of "enhancements". Uh oh!

The contact wearables are actually quite a cool idea.

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The contact wearables are actually quite a cool idea.

The Bankwest Halo ring is a much cheaper and less weird alternative... (I don't really fancy a belt for my wrist?)

Edit: oh no! Bankwest discontinued the Halo!!

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$6500 for a ho hum bracelet. Let me think on that.

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