Airline CEO Performance from a Frequent Flyer perspective


Imagine going to work each day and being critiqued on your every decision, scrutinised on your every move, and answerable to a nation of media outlets. The CEO’s of Qantas and Virgin are performance reviewed on a daily basis in this manner. This week our members provide their very own performance feedback and reviews on the roles of our national airlines CEO’s.

Alan Joyces’ performance has been unfortunate enough to capture the attention of the Australian public in recent times. Fuel prices, a network-wide grounding, the union strikes and foreign and domestic competition have all placed Qantas in a precarious financial position. Some backers of Alan Joyce think that the current state of Qantas is a product of the economic environment and not poor leadership. They believe that many of the problems facing Qantas are inherited problems and have not been created as a result of Joyce’s leadership. However many members believe that Alan Joyce has proven himself to be inefficient in bargaining and/or negotiating with the unions which has left a permanent mark on the Qantas brand.

One member sought to quell the Joyce bashing and in the interests of balance also chose to critique Virgin CEO John Borghetti. Many of our members believe that John Borghetti has a “game plan” and is not letting short term financial loss get in the way of his long term goals for Virgin. They note that whilst shareholders may be unimpressed with Virgin at present, John Borghetti is doing all the right things such as securing corporate partnerships to set Virgin up in the long term.

Give us your CEO reviews HERE and HERE.


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