A Taste of the “Suite” Life on Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Suites

AFF member pythonisman recently enjoyed an opportunity to experience the “Suite” life on a trip to Singapore and Cambodia. Taking advantage of a special upgrade promotion, our member experienced one of the best ways to fly.

I was headed to Singapore for a day for work, with a side trip tacked on at the tail end to check out the temples of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap and Cambodia over Easter.

A few days before my trip to Singapore I was contacted about a special offer to upgrade to Suites class on the Singapore A380. I hesitated for about 5 minutes before jumping at the chance, and am definitely glad I did!

Singapore Airlines’ A380 Suites offer a level of luxury above traditional First class! As well as all of the usual suspects, the Suites offer an unbeatable level of privacy. Each Suite features a sliding door and window blinds. On boarding, our member was immediately impressed.

The suite itself is very large, definitely roomy, spacious, and elegant. Not at all over the top. I was immediately offered a welcome drink (2006 Dom or Krug)

After take-off, the meal service began with an entrée of caviar and vodka, followed by multiple courses of top-notch cuisine. Throughout the flight, two attentive flight attendants ensured that our member’s champagne glass remained full.

After lunch came an opportunity for some shut-eye. Each Suite can be converted to a real bed, making for one of the most comfortable sleeps in the sky. The Suites are great for couples too, as each of the two adjoining centre Suites can even be combined to form a double bed.

I have no doubt that this bed would be immensely comfortable for a long haul flight, this is definitely one of the best ways to fly. In terms of bed quality, it was hard to find much of a detectable hint of this being on a plane, the width, length, and comfort was the best I’ve had

It seems our member thoroughly enjoyed the “Suite” life. There was just one problem: travelling in such luxury can be addictive!

As I deplaned I realised: I desperately want to do this again. Everyone needs suites in their life. I desperately want to send my parents somewhere special in suites class, I just need to stockpile about a billion points so that I can use them for redemptions. Until then, I’ll just daydream about the next time I’m lucky enough to experience anything near as to complete and absolute luxury, attentive service and feeling like a rockstar. One can dream, right..?

As the trip report continued our member traveled to Cambodia, a country rich in history and culture. Between tours and temple visits, there was also plenty of time for some rest & relaxation.

Follow the trip report HERE.



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