Qantas Club Membership Guide

Qantas Club members have access to 24 airport lounges in Australia, as well as dozens of overseas lounges when flying with Qantas or Jetstar. Qantas Club lounges offer complimentary food and drinks, wifi, showers, magazines and work stations, making them a great place to relax and refresh before your flight. Membership also includes benefits like extra baggage allowance when flying Qantas.

Upon reaching Qantas Gold or Oneworld Sapphire status, frequent flyers can enjoy complimentary access to all Qantas Club lounges. But if you don’t quite fly enough to earn Gold status, purchasing a Qantas Club membership will also get you into the lounge.

Which lounges can Qantas Club members access?

When travelling within Australia, Club members have access to domestic lounges at the following 24 airports when flying on Qantas or Jetstar:

Domestic Qantas Club lounge locations
Domestic Qantas Club lounge locations

When travelling overseas with Qantas or Jetstar, Club members can use Qantas’ international Business lounges. As of May 2021, with New Zealand the only international destination available to Australians, Qantas Club members temporarily have access to the Qantas First Lounges in Sydney & Melbourne and the Air New Zealand lounges in New Zealand (when flying to Australia). The Qantas Brisbane international Business Lounge is the only other Qantas international lounge open and available to Qantas Club members at this time.

During normal times, Qantas operates international Business lounges at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland, Wellington, Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Narita and London. When departing from other international Qantas destinations, access to partner airline and third-party lounges is offered as long as you’re booked on a Qantas flight number.

International lounges were available pre-covid to Qantas Club members at these locations:

International Qantas Lounge (red) and partner lounge (white) locations
International Qantas Lounge (red) and partner lounge (white) locations

Qantas Club lounge access is available prior to departure if you have a same-day boarding pass for a flight with Qantas or Jetstar. Lounge access is normally also permitted if you’re travelling on a Qantas-marketed flight operated by a partner airline such as Emirates or Fiji Airways. However, you can only access the lounge when flying partner airlines if you’re booked on a “QF” flight number.

In addition to the locations shown above, Club members can use the Alaska Airlines lounges in Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and Anchorage when connecting between an international Qantas flight and an Alaska Airlines flight. Qantas Club members can also use any of the 35 American Airlines Admirals Club lounges when travelling on American Airlines.

Qantas Club members can bring one guest and up to two additional children with them each time they use a Qantas lounge. For international flights, these guests must be on the same flight.

Membership prices

There is a one-off joining fee when signing up for membership. This Qantas Club joining fee is waived if you’re renewing your membership of if your Qantas status has recently dropped from Gold to Silver. In addition, there are 1-year, 2-year and 4-year renewal options. As of May 2021, the Qantas Club joining fee is $99 and a 1-year renewal costs $600. So, in total it would cost $699 to join the Qantas Club for one year. Current prices can be found on the Qantas website.

But… there are several ways to get a Qantas Club discount!

If you’re an Australian resident, you can take advantage of AFF’s QF Club corporate scheme rates. By joining through our corporate scheme, you can save $37.62 on the joining fee and $157.20 on 1-year renewal. The AFF corporate scheme is open to Australian Frequent Flyer GOLD members. AFF GOLD membership costs $75 per year, which is less than the savings you’ll enjoy on Qantas Club membership!

Qantas charges lower rates to New Zealand and other overseas residents. Overseas residents (except those living in New Zealand) can also benefit from special AFF corporate scheme rates.

You can earn 3 Qantas points per dollar spent on Qantas Club membership, including corporate scheme membership.

Here are the membership prices as of May 2021. Prices are in AUD unless specified…

  Joining fee 1 year 2 years 4 years
Australian residents $99 $600 $1,100 $2,000
Australian residents (AFF corporate scheme rate) $61.38 $442.80 $803.60 N/A
New Zealand residents NZD99 NZD600 NZD1,100 NZD2,000
Other overseas residents $99 $450 $825 $1,500
Other overseas residents (AFF corporate scheme rate) $55.80 $402.55 $730.55 N/A

Single-use lounge passes

Qantas Frequent Flyer members receive a complimentary lounge pass upon reaching Silver status with the airline.

Two annual single-use lounge passes are also offered as a benefit with the following Australian credit cards:

  • Qantas Amex Premium
  • Qantas Amex Ultimate
  • Qantas Premier Platinum
  • Qantas Premier Titanium
  • ANZ Frequent Flyer Black
  • Westpac Altitude Black
  • St George/Bank of Melbourne/Bank SA Amplify Signature

Qantas Points Club members also receive two complimentary annual lounge passes.

Single-use lounge passes can only be used at Qantas-operated lounges, which unfortunately does not include the Oneworld Lounge in Los Angeles. No guests are permitted when using these passes.

Free Qantas Club passes are occasionally offered by generous Australian Frequent Flyer members. These passes are listed in our “free” classifieds section. Please note that soliciting for, selling or swapping lounge passes is not permitted on AFF.

Qantas also sells lounge invitations on an ad-hoc basis to selected flyers. These are offered to Bronze and Silver Qantas Frequent Flyer members by email around 2-5 days before the flight. Prices range from $39 to $99, depending on the lounge. However, these invitations are only sent randomly and are unlikely to be offered if you’re travelling at a peak time, such as early in the morning or on a Friday or Sunday evening.

Complimentary membership

Instead of paying to be a Qantas Club member, you could receive complimentary membership by becoming a Qantas Points Club Plus member!

You’ll automatically become a Points Club Plus member if you earn at least 350,000 Qantas points within a year (with up to 20,000 points earned from flights counting towards this total). This sounds like a lot of points, but the target could be relatively achievable with a few Qantas credit card sign-up bonus point offers!

Free Qantas Club membership is also offered as a benefit with the invitation-only Amex Centurion charge card.


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Stephen Marquis

Qantas has a Qantas club sale on today 27/05/2021 its under $500 for a year membership including joining fee or 74000 points, i just joined so happy to get lounge access as i always miss out on having enough status credits by 50 status credits.


Hi, do you receive an AFF discount if buying a membership with points or just with cash?

The AFF corporate scheme discount is only available when paying with money (not points).