One of the benefits of being a community member of The Australian Frequent Flyer is the opportunity to get more insight as to the pros and cons of the various programs out there. From time to time, there is also the opportunity to meet some of the people behind the scenes of such programs. Last week, 20 lucky members of our community got that opportunity, in the form of lunch with Lesley Grant & some of her team members from Qantas Loyalty, at Gowings Restaurant in Sydney.

Such lunches have been a feature of Australian Frequent Flyer for some time, featuring on the calendar usually twice a year. With the recent announcement of changes to the program, the timing could not have been better. However, only twenty spots were up for grabs. Competition for a spot was bound to be hot, so some rules were needed

Lesley Grant, Qantas Loyalty CEO along with members of her team, would like the opportunity to personally address some of your feedback, concerns and queries. For a chance to attend a lunch….. send me a private message with the following:- 3 questions that you’d most like to ask Lesley and her team. To be eligible, you must be an AFF member for a minimum of 3 months.

While the three questions helped your entry, the event itself was not limited to discussion based on just those questions with notice. Some of our members who have previously attended expressed their appreciation for the way Qantas Loyalty provided such an opportunity forum for feedback and the answers given

QF haven’t hesitated to address those issues and they tend to answer very candidly – even if we don’t like the answers, they have been very illuminating. I don’t shy away from quite pointed criticism of QF Loyalty on a few perspectives, but I still get invited and they still take my questions.

Twenty lucky members soon received that private message (PM) inviting them to Lunch. Not surprisingly, few were from Sydney, with our members travelling far and wide to make the event including Darwin, Perth and Melbourne. For those that missed out, there were soon plenty of first hand experiences of what is was like to be an attendee, including shots of the gorgeous food despite it not being the main attraction.

So when will the next lunch be? Who knows, but you have to be in it to win it. If you have not yet joined the community don’t delay, while there is nothing like a free lunch, it’s just part of the value of being an active Australian Frequent Flyer Community member. In the meantime, why not join the conversation HERE and provide your input on what was discussed?


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