cc-feeIt would seem the ACCC have launched action about the excessive credit card fees some airlines are charging customers to book flights. The vast majority of our members are fully fledged supporters of such action. One member estimates that they pay up to $350 a year on credit card fees alone! On international bookings one member notes being charged up to $33.00 per person.

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Our members are particularly irritated by the exorbitant credit card fees when redeeming points. In a number of our member’s experiences, the credit card fees alone have easily exceeded the booking charges.

One member’s complaint to Velocity about credit card charges was met with deafening silence. Qantas it would appear is upfront about their credit card surcharges and calls a spade a spade. Whilst other airlines dress the surcharges up as “Service fees” or “booking fees”.

One member believes that even if the action was successful in reducing credit card fees these fees are likely to be simply absorbed into higher fare prices.

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