Best Value Flybuys Points Redemptions (wiki content)

There are many partners to spend your flybuys points with, but what is the best value?

Etihad Points

Medium-haul Virgin Australia flight redemptions in business class using Etihad Guest points can be good value as these are often quite expensive. Essentially any Virgin Australia flights under 1250 miles will be the same price in points. Therefore choosing some of the longer flights will work the best. Examples include:

  • Sydney-Cairns on Virgin in business class, which cost 13,800 Etihad miles or 34,500 Flybuys points. As the retail cost for the flight was ~$900 the redemption worked out to 2.6c/point, effectively halving the value compared to flybuys dollars.[1]
  • Sydney-Queenstown.
  • Brisbane-Port Vila.
  • Melbourne-Hamilton Island.

Etihad Guest also provides for some rather obscure airline redemptions, for a low price.[2]

flybuys Dollars

Converting your flybuys points to flybuys dollars will give you $10 for 2000 points. This is 0.5¢/point. The flybuys dollars can be used to discount your shopping bill at Coles,

flybuys Shop

The flybuys shop sometimes has a double reward section where the points are worth around 1 cent per point but there aren’t many general purpose redemptions in this section. Check out the current redemption rate for Mix Clothing vouchers for Coles and Music redemptions(I can’t remember the provider). These redemptions used to offer around 1 cent per dollar but they might have changed recently.[3]Most of the products in the flybuys shop are worth 0.5cents per point or lower. You will probably find these products in shops on special for a lot less than the retail price so there are very few products worth redeeming.

Bear in mind though that the points cost includes the cost of delivery, which can affect the value per point positively.[4]

flybuys Travel Portal

The flybuys travel portal offers good value because when you use points through it you are essentially buying cash fares, not award fares. Due to this differentiator you are able to earn points and status credits (if booked in a valid fare class) on these bookings, which you would not be able to do if you simply transferred the flybuys points to an airline frequent flyer program instead.[5]




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