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loyalty program

For more information about Loyalty Programs, see our Loyalty Program Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. H

    Which Star Alliance frequent flyer program should I join?

    I will be flying to Canada to live for at least a year in late August. I am currently with Velocity, QFF and Qatar Privilege. I am not with KrisFlyer or Air New Zealand Airpoints as living in Australia it has made sense to pool any points earnt on SG or NZ services to my Velocity account. Should...
  2. B

    Air Asia's BIG! loyalty program

    It launched back in Feb apparently, has anyone spent time looking at it to see if there's actual value there? If so, where the value is (upgrades etc)? My partner and I are flying OOL -> KUL to start a Borneo trip, so I sense surely there'll be enough points earned there to counteract the 10RM...
  3. I

    Who do you complain to about an airline frequent flyer program?

    Late last year, Etihad promoted double points to Ireland, for flights booked by 31 December 2011 and to travel any time in 2012. I dutifully registered for the promotion, booked my flights, travelled out of Oz on 31st march and returned arriving on 16th April. But no double points. When I...
  4. L

    Airport Premium Loyalty Programme Concept

    So as you may have seen in my introduction thread a couple weeks ago, I'm working on a concept for an airport loyalty programme at BNE as part of a university assignment. I thought I’d share with you the concept I have put together so far. Based off Schipol’s Privium, the programme would differ...
  5. D

    The most fortuitus mistake made by an airline or loyalty program to benefit you?

    This may be a bit contentious (an you may not wish to share :)), but I'd thought I'd start a thread asking people's best capitalisation from an airline or travel loyalty program's mistake that you've been able to make... eg. got 2x bonus points awarded on sign up; paid for y class got issued a...
  6. whatmeworry

    Shopping Loyalty Programs

    Customers wonder how rewarding loyalty really is
  7. Q

    QFF Scheme is Making fools of us.

    After 4 years as a QFF member I decided not to fly Qantas anymore unless its a must. The straw that broke the camel's back was when I found out they charge an annual fee to transfer points from CBA CC to their program. That is right down ridiculous! I've been living abroad for a long time and...
  8. eastwest101

    Interesting discussion about Airline Industry regulation/freq flyer programs

    Bob Crandall and Peter Greenberg discuss US airline deregulation, frequent flyer programs etc Charlie Rose - Bob Crandall & Peter Greenberg on the Airline Industry
  9. T

    Advice please - Which *A Frequent Flyer Program for the Parentals?

    Looking at joining the parentals in laws up to a *A FF program. What do you think is the best option for this type of travel? They would do 1-2 overseas trips per year on a Star Alliance to Canada, USA, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong over the next 5 years. Travel would be in Y or premium if a...
  10. F

    1865 loyalty program (Langham hotels)

    I am about to move up to Voyager status in this program. Are there any members out there who have achieved this level and think it is particularly worthwhile? The majority of my stays are at The Langham in Auckland.
  11. K

    Best Travel scheme - Colombo

    Hi, I'm planning on booking a return flight to Colombo for a family member who doesn't live with me. I'm currently a silver velocity member and would like to redeem as much as possible with VA. I currently provided her with an Amex platinum edge supplmentary card to book the flights. However...
  12. TonyHancock

    BBC Fastrack Frequent Flyer Programs Video

    Whilst a BBC piece there is an interview with Stephanie Tully. The piece questions the value of FF programs. BBC News - Fast Track - Do frequent flyer programmes offer value for money?
  13. G

    Qantas Frequent Flyer Program.

    :p Good Morning one & All. I have just looked at my December Points & Balance email and was curious about the Qantas Amex Credit Card.. so I had a peek at the Terms & Conditions. particularly about the Frequent Flyer Program. I realise of course that the Terms & Conditions must be adhered...
  14. F

    1 loyalty program vs Several Loyalty programs ?

    Hi, I am a KF member (most of the time when travelling OS, I fly with Sing Air). However, not many credit cards in Australia offer a good redemption for KF miles. I wonder if I should join another Loyalty Program (Velocity with Virgin). I personally dislike Qantas. Do you normally...
  15. D

    [Which] Frequent Flyer Programs[?]

    Hi I'm looking to sign up to a/multiple Frequent Flyer programs, however know nothing! Having never been apart of a program previously I dont know what to look for. Does anyone have any recommendations/advice they can give me? Anything would be helpful. Thanks!
  16. futaris

    Frequent Flyer Programs Earn Billions of Dollars for five Airlines

    http://www.flyertalk.com/the-gate/blog/6999-frequent-flier-programs-earn-billions-of-dollars-for-five-airlines.html Not surprising Qantas frequent flyer is in that list.
  17. Velocity Frequent Flyer

    Announcing our New Velocity Frequent Flyer Program

    We have today launched the first stage of our new Velocity Frequent Flyer program. There has been months of research and feedback from the frequent flying community, especially the AFF collective, and now we can finally reveal how we have re-built from the ground up, a program that we...
  18. C

    Transferring BA Miles to another Loyalty program

    Hi All, I have been a member of British Airways Executive club for several years and have accumlated close to 100k BA miles. I moved to Australia a few years ago and do not plan on going back to the UK for a while. I am wondering whether I have any options to transfer these miles to another...
  19. markis10

    AusBTs comparison of frequent flyer programs - more unprofessional work!

    Noticed AusBT posted an article yesterday on the comparison of frequent flyer programs, I have been openly critical of their stories and lack of crediting sources in the past because I feel they are somewhat unprofessional, this latest effort has done nothing to improve my opinion (I am looking...
  20. rotuma1

    Joining infant to Qantas frequent flyer program

    Dear all I have 6 J flights coming coming for the family, including our newborn. Is it worth it to join Frequent flyers, as no points will be earned. Woollworths would not join her via everyday rewards, as minimum age is 1 year. Would she still earn status credits though? Can't seem to see...