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loyalty program

For more information about Loyalty Programs, see our Loyalty Program Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. Hvr

    Credit card loyalty schemes not worth it for most of us

    And the AFF demographic is probably unique in that most of us do evaluate the risks and rewards of these schemes. I'd like to think that I can get more value from 19,480 QFF points than $100 and there are of course even better earn rates.
  2. B

    Frequent Flyer Program - Is it worth it?

    Hi, I am flying overseas a couple of times over the next few months and unsure whether to join a frequent flyer program. I am hoping someone could give me a simple answer with a ballpark idea of what it would be worth to me in points and benefits (ie - is it really worth the joining fee). My...
  3. WWTFC

    Reward schemes and using points

    Having been helped before I look forward to your ideas/answers again. My wife and I have 315,000 Qantas FF points between us. Mostly from AMEX and Woolies cards and a few o/seas and domestic flights - been Qantas & thus One world loyal. We are looking to go o/seas in 2014 to Europe - any ideas...
  4. Flashback

    New Air Asia X loyalty program

  5. J

    Multiple Frequent Flyer programmes?

    Does anyone have experience with being a member of multiple FF programmes? Now that QF has made it so very hard to get from PER to HKG, I'm wondering whether I should just give up trying to stick with QF and join the CX Marco Polo Club. I really don't like CX - very uncomfortable seats in Y -...
  6. D

    Myer One to earn points on an airline frequent flyer program??

    Do you think that someone should join with Myer One to offer FF points on purchases....like EDR and QFF?
  7. B

    Convert westpac altitude points to fly with airline freq flyer programmes

    Well this is my first post - so be kind please! I am an absolute novice when trying to understand the jargon. I have 332,700 Altitude points and wish to fly form Manchester to Sydney one-way early April 2014 for 2 pax. I already have used my QFF points for 2 one-way tickets to Manchester from...
  8. Inver

    At what age did you enroll your child in a frequent flyer programme?

    At what age did you enroll your child in a frequent flyer programme? I'm just curious?
  9. L

    Which companies are good at loyalty programs and why?

    Hi, I've been wondering which companies people think have a good loyalty program and why? What does loyalty mean to you and just customers in general? I guess everyone has their own definition of loyalty as it's an individual thing. Be interested to understand your thoughts...
  10. T

    Which FF scheme to use for Air Canada flights?

    I'm Platinum on both QF and VA but will shortly be taking a trip on Air Canada in J to Toronto (nearly $2000 cheaper than QF). I am wondering what FF scheme I should utilise for these points. Perhaps an obvious answer would be the Air Canada scheme itself but cant see that having many benefits...
  11. casanovawa

    Newbie for hotel loyalty programs - Getting cheap hotel stays with award points etc

    I'll confess, when i travel i used to be totally value conscious, so pretty much cheapest airfare to get me there etc and hostels or couchsurfing etc.. I'd rather go away for the maximum time and see as much possible every year without coming back with a massive debt to pay off... Since...
  12. O

    Altitude Points transfer to Frequent Flyer Program

    I am consider transferring points to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer. Does anybody know if I can transfer the points to another person's Krisflyer account?
  13. markis10

    The future of frequent flyer programs - loyalty versus revenue?

    Interesting move by Delta, if it was adopted here would it change your activity? Airlines tighten frequent-flier rules- MSN Money
  14. J

    Is it worth trying to get points? (& with what Rewards Scheme?)

    Hi! I've just finished Year 12, and had been toying with the idea of taking a traveling gap year, which is what got me starting to look at various ways to earn points etc for flights. I've decided to take a break in the middle of my university degree instead, and I would like to use points from...
  15. J

    Car hire loyalty programs - recommendations please

    My previous car hire usage has always been overseas where I have used websites like TravelJigsaw to find cheapest rates. I am now in a situation with work that I am rarely at home in Perth for more than 2 weeks at a time so I've decided to sell the car and hire when needed. I'm sure a lot of...
  16. S

    Which loyalty program for self funded travelling ?

    Hey everyone I would first like to state that I'm completely new to all of this so if I sound nooby you know why :p. Im 18 and hopefully looking to do at least 1 international trip a year ( I wish money grew on trees). Im also looking to go to India next year in February to visit some family...
  17. Foreigner

    Top Frequent Flyer Programs

    Interesting article here which may help in understanding FF programs...more of a take from USA based fliers. http://www.cnngo.com/explorations/escape/top-frequent-flyer-miles-programs-100956?page=0,0
  18. markis10

    Loyalty Programs - A thesis on its effectiveness at one hotel.

    I stumbled on this today, while its related to Priority Club, it does talk about the value of loyalty programs in general in terms of their aims, so I thought I would post the link in the general discussion area...
  19. Foreigner

    Silver squeezed as frequent flyer programs change

    http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390444900304577577270459692532.html Obviously, airlines value their top tiers. Silver and to lesser extent Gold feel the queeze.
  20. S

    Hotel loyalty program suitable for America + Canada

    Hello all. Just joined up with AFF and looking for some friendly advice for my upcoming trip to America and Canada next year. I am looking for advice as to what would be the best hotel loyalty program to get involved with when traveling through America and Canada. I am currently a Le Club Gold...