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loyalty program

For more information about Loyalty Programs, see our Loyalty Program Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. G

    Best Credit Card/s to use for Qantas Frequent Flyer Program

    Hi, I've been a Qantas ff for a while now, not really used it much, but just had the opportunity to join the Qantas Club quite cheaply so jumped at at. I'm planning to travel to the US and Canada at the end of this year/next year, and stay over there for about 6 months, flying domestically...
  2. C

    qantas frequent flyer program

    Can I get my reward points back once I have deposited them in Qantas Frequent flyer program.
  3. scibo10

    Strategic Ailrines to rebrand and launch frequent flyer program

    Interesting article in The Australian. Strategic Airlines looks beyond $90m contract loss the airline's founder is predicting a small profit this year | The Australian Maybe their domestic partner will be Rex.
  4. B

    Frequent Flyer programmes on Asian routes

    Does someone have an opinion on this: until last year most of my flying was between Europe and the US so earned and used some respectable miles on Delta's and United's programmes. Since returning to Oz, I've been flying to Japan almost monthly and achieved WP status though despair of being able...
  5. C

    BA executive club or qantas frequent flyer program?

    Good evening! I would like your advice about which of the two frequent flyer programs i must choose (i am a member in both). I am flying with Ba and qantas in April-May. I am going from Athens to London with a return flight operated by BA and a multi city trip from London to Wellington...
  6. J

    Air Nz frequent flyer program

    My wife and I are flying Cairns to Vancouver and return and do not have star alliance program. Is it best to join Air Nz or some other program? Thanks Chris
  7. munitalP

    REX - Frequent Flyer Programme... kaput!

    I decided to join the REX frequent flyer programme. I looked at it in the past and thought I wouldn't fly with REX enough to bother, but in the last 6 months, I would have had numerous free flights with REX that I thought I would be still able to claim if I joined, as I have all the e-tickets...
  8. Bundy Bear

    BMI or Continental Frequent Flyer Program, which to join

    As I am flying to the US for 1 week in November for the StarMegaDo and now upgraded the ticket, I might be able to get a few points that I might be able to use. Any suggestions between these 2 programs. 1. BMI 2. Continental One Pass. I was wondering if there are any sign up bonuses at the...
  9. T

    Westpac Altitude Rewards Program v.s Qantas Frequent Flyer Program

    Do any keen frequent flyers have any insights into which program converts the best: *Westpac Altitude Rewards Program OR *Qantas Frequent Flyer Program This has been a hard decision for me as I'm trying to justify either the Westpac Altitude Card or ANZ Frequent Flyer Card to my manager...
  10. S

    Intercontinental Hotels Loyalty program an Absolute Sham!

    Stay at a crowne plaze hotel for 5 days and spend lets say 2k - you receive 20000 point, have the same stay at the more expensive intercon Hotels and for your loyalty you are awarded 2000 points only. Stay a day or a year spend a million or a dollar and its all the same! Who are they kidding...
  11. S

    Help! Need some advice on which frequent flyer program to join

    Hi All, new to overseas travel and to this website, so far has taken me many attempts to even get this post up!!!! my details are as follows, 3 adult tickets and 1 child RTW with star alliance flying on the following airlines MEL-LAX with ANZ LAX-SANFRANCISCO with United...
  12. R

    KF vs other loyalty program to redeem points in OZ

    Flying from Syd - HK on QF and will be using qantas frequent flyer then HK to Frankfurt and back to HK on Lufthansa My question here is: what would be hte best frequent flyer to join to redeem points in OZ. I understand with KF u need minimum of 30,000 points from OZ and they dont allow to...
  13. M

    Which Frequent Flyer program?

    Our family of 4 (incl 11 yo and 9yo) are headed off in a few weeks on our first long overseas trip. All our flights are with the Star Alliance group - travelling to Los Angeles, Ohio, London, Paris, Cairo, Dubai, Singapore and back to Australia. Is it worthwhile to join one of the frequent...
  14. sandiefran

    What's happening with the Air NZ frequent flyer program?

    Yesterday (22/01/10) I had an email from my travel agent - a very, very experienced lady - she said: tried to redeem flights on Air New Zealand and was told couldn’t as their redemptions are frozen at the moment, try back in about a month! Very interesting! I wonder if they are going to leave...
  15. K

    Joining Delta Frequent Flyer Programme

    I have a few questions about this. 1. My family of 4 are booked SYD>LA return in December with Delta. We have paid for our tickets and received etickets x 4 and a confirmation number with which I have made online seat reservations. I am interested in joining their frequent flyer scheme and...
  16. F

    Virgin Blue's Frequent Flyer Program

    Hi There, I am really looking forward to becoming an active member of Virgin Blue's Frequent Flyers Program. I am starting a new job and will be traveling extensively interstate and will be flying Virgin Blue, the only way to travel. Fiona:):)
  17. B

    All the Loyalty Programs in the One Place!

    Saw A Current Affair last night and there was a segment on perkler.com, an Australian site. They have a bunch of loyalty programs in there, not just Frequent Flyer but all the big guys are in there. Looks like they got destroyed from the show and logging in is suspended at the moment. The...
  18. D

    Membership to frequent Flyer Program

    Hi Everyone, I am a new member as from today. I hope you can help me. I have currently quite a number of points linked to my American Express Card. I am cancelling this card because of the high fees and am going to another form of A/Express which is more rewarding and with lower fees. When I...
  19. M

    Frequent flyer programs

    I am new to travelling. We are looking to travel overseas next year. Just wondering which airline offers the best frequent flyer programs. We may be looking to fly with Emirates Mark M