So you have the vaccine, now what?


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Jan 8, 2008
Vaccine rollout is underway in many countries. Australia and NZ have plans to vaccinate a large % of the population by the end of 2021. International travel is just around the corner. The QF F lounges in MEL and SYD must be stocking up on champers.
My question is, what will the governments allow people to do and when?
NZ have said that at present, people who are vaccinated will still have to go into quarantine as they may still be harbouring the virus. I am not sure when Australians will be allowed to leave and what requirements will be in place on return to Aus.
How will governments and airlines know if people have been vaccinated and will this be a requirement to travel. I am sure if it is there will be lawsuits stating that you cant be made to have a vaccine and travel is a right. There have also been reports of fraudulent vaccination card appearing.
Any predictions on how much of the population will need to be vaccinated before government policies allow non-quarantine travel, when that will be and how we will prove we have been vaccinated, or even if this will be required?
Go to your medicare card app on your phone, it shows all of your previous vacinations and the covid one will show here as well. Also shows when next ones are due (for me next ones are 2025). Front page under the services section, immunisation history.
That to me is the official place to go, forget about vaccination cards etc
If you can leave Australia, then Greece is an option from mid-May. How does 3 months of summer sound? Great.
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