Qantas proposal to reward people who vaccinate with flight credits/points


Sep 9, 2005
Now this is awesome! Like Christmas for AFF members ;) It makes sense they do run Australia’s alternate currency.


Qantas Dangles Free Flights for People Who’ve Been Vaccinated

Qantas is considering giving free flight vouchers or to people who’ve had Covid-19 shots, joining a growing list of businesses offering vaccination incentives to kick-start global travel, in a proposal to work with the government to accelerate the vaccine uptake in Australia.

While details haven’t been finalized, fully inoculated Qantas frequent fliers might also be offered free loyalty status credits, Qantas said in a statement Friday.

The program is due to run until the end of 2021, when Australia’s vaccination program is expected to be mostly complete, the airline said.

Hopefully Bain let’s Virgin do it too!


To help encourage people to get vaccinated, Qantas and Jetstar want to give Australians either frequent flyer points or flight vouchers for getting immunised. The idea, which has been taken to the federal and NSW governments, would be retrospective and run until the end of the year.

Qantas chief customer officer, Stephanie Tully said the company relied on travel so it was keen to help with the national vaccine effort and get its people and planes back to work.

“The demand for domestic travel has been really strong and we know a lot of people can’t wait to see family overseas,” she said.

“There are already a lot of good reasons to get a vaccine as soon as you’re able to, and we’d be happy to add another one to the list. Hopefully, other companies are looking at incentive options as well.”

Interesting idea. But they probably need to reverse their thinking a bit compared to their normal way of doing things ... typically it’s about rewarding P1’s and WP’s with less and less as you go down the chain. I suspect with vaccines the most powerful incentives need to be to NB’s, many P1’s and the like have the desire or need to travel and get moving again so are already incentivised.

Qantas ponders customer incentives to boost COVID-19 vaccination rates, United offers free flight competition​

“We’re still thinking through how this would work, but the incentive could be Qantas points, Qantas or Jetstar flight vouchers, or status credits for frequent flyers.”

United Airlines Holdings Inc said on Monday it would offer vaccinated loyalty program members the chance to win free flights for a year’s worth of travel to anywhere in the world it flies in support of the Biden administration’s efforts to encourage more people to get their COVID-19 vaccination.

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I'm curious to hear what people think of Qantas' offer to give out free flight vouchers, points and status credits for getting the COVID jab.

Whilst nothing is set in stone yet, the AFR is reporting up to 1000 QF points, flight vouchers and status credits are being considered.

Personally, I think 1000 points is nothing and probably too low but maybe it's just enough to convince people? By the sounds of it in the media this morning this will turn into a large program that will run through to the end of the year.

FYI there's other places to discuss the rollout: Vaccine & Treatments
At the very least the 1000 points should be considered eligible activity to extend the life of extant points. That activity could be very important to some people.
It would be great if a bunch of AU companies could get on board and offer bonuses like this.

Access % off at shop sales etc

Every little bit will help, even if it just gets the message out there!


Qantas may offer 1000 frequent flyer points for COVID-19 jabs​

Billions of frequent flyer points along with travel vouchers and status credits could be rewarded to people who get COVID-19 jabs as Qantas pushes to get Australians vaccinated as quickly as possible.

As states once again shut their borders to Victoria following a fourth statewide lockdown, Qantas and Jetstar are looking at options to boost vaccine uptake to get borders reopened permanently.

Qantas could offer flight perks to those who get COVID-19 jab​

I don't think 1000 points is going to get an anti-vaxxer or a person who is jut holding out onboard.

Course not but who cares about them, its about mobilising the majority and if a lot of people are bombarded by lots of bonus offers all over the place, their mates start getting it - it will all help.

I hope other big companies have something in the works too....
As long as it retrofitted, sure a 1000 points or a free flight (with likely conditions) is not much but I will take them. I was always going to and have had jab 1.
Give something like a minimum points (1,000) and a lottery for a significant points allocation and that might get some people moving.

The more people vaccinated the more likely reluctant people, but not anti-vaxxers, might be encouraged to do it.

Shouldn’t be needed but whatever it takes to get faster take up the better. Now let’s get the supply and distribution up as fast as possible to met demand.
From the ABC 'We are trying our best to help with this rollout': Qantas offers prizes and incentives for vaccinated travellers
"We are looking at giving 1,000 [Qantas] points, flight vouchers, credits and we are going to offer 10 mega prizes — at least one for each state and territory.

"Where you get, for the year, for a family of four, unlimited travel on the Qantas and Jetstar network, anywhere in the network."

Mr Joyce said hospitality company Accor would offer a million points to each of the winning families to cover their accommodation as well.
Looks like Qantas is one step ahead of everyone.

Based on what Joyce told 9 news (quoted above from ABC), the plan at this stage is to give everyone 1000 points but also have a large prize. The Unlimited travel on the Qantas network for a year is quite impressive.

Also, good news that other companies are willing to get involved, Accor has offered up 1,000,000 points as a part of the mega prize. Accor points are linked to a dollar value with 2000 points = 40 euro, as a result, the prize gives ~AU$31,640 in accommodation.
Ummmm wow.

Will enter. Both!

Come on VA2, please match, loosen the purse strings Bain!!!

Will enter. Both!
No, it seems from what Joyce was hinting, it's one massive prize that includes flights and accommodation.

Again we won't know until July but it seems it's the massive prize (possibility for each state/territory) includes unlimited flights on QF/JQ for up to a family of 4 for a year plus 1,000,000 Accor points (can be redeemed for up to ~$31,000 on Accor Accommodation).

Obviously, the fine details or entry haven't been released yet, so who knows if you have to pay taxes on flights or other things like that but regardless of what's been released so far it'll be a cracker of a prize.

Come on VA2, please match, loosen the purse strings Bain!!!
I highly suspect they will, Joyce said he wants other businesses to follow. I've already had my first jab so will 100% be entering anything that these businesses come up with. That being said I also think I'm not the target market of the campaign, last year I visited every state and territory except Victoria and somehow managed to fly more domestic flights in 2020 than I'd ever done before.

10 trips on the good old SAAB's and one trip on the futuristic jet. Seriously though even a few months of flights would be a good enough offering. I think with these types of competitions in the travel industry there are three things at play, obviously encouraging people to get vaccinated, encouraging people to travel, and finally collecting data on who is intrested.

Qantas has over 12 million members and if they make people who enter the competition have a frequent flyer account then they could acquire a lot more. In the process they'll collect data about who's been vaccinated so can easily pitch to those people when borders and further travel (especially travel requiring vaccinations does open up).

If Rex was smart, this would be a great time to launch their proposed frequent flyer program. They make people sign up to enter their competition building their FF base in the process.
Looks like a great promotion that serves Qantas purposes well (higher vaccination rates and I suspect a lot of free publicity).

I could do a lot with this grand prize.
I suspect many other companies offering rewards / prizes will come forward, well maybe not many many, but a few I suspect will jump on the bandwagon, get some positive vibes among the vac rate.

So much more negativity around about it, yes we started slow, but c'mon let's get as close to the finish line in a hurry.

Good on QF for getting out of the blocks on this one, even thou it's in their best interest.
Others to follow, watch this space!
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