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  • Hi,Hope I did not offend in any way, and if so my apologies.I wonderif you are the Chuppa cups Guy? If good luck to you.I am just curious about the promo as many of us were suspended. Most that I PMed with at the time were re-instated and gained their points.And indeed one mate who I did not realise was in the promo I was chatting with, about a year aftwards, and he mentioned that he had been suspended for a similar buying pattern and had lost about one million points.In his case he did not challenge it, or seek the involvement of Fair trading as some on the forum did who were suspended.They suspended me for having spend at David Jones of only about 6 repetitions, which I demonstrated was at separate counters and so was 100% vaild as that is how DJ's is set up for payment. So again hence my curiousity that they allowed hundreds of a small tx bought consectively to go through to the keeper unchallenged and un-suspended.
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