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  1. Mattg

    Airlines redesign flight attendant uniforms for COVID-19

    We've seen a few airlines designing new flight attendant uniforms that offer more personal protection during the pandemic. AirAsia is the latest, launching bright red PPE suits for their cabin crew: AirAsia put out a press release about this a few days ago and it's been picked up by many...
  2. oznflfan

    How will international travel work with no COVID 19 vaccine

    Newbie and first post, hopefully did right. Even though more people and funding in medical history is going into COVID 19 vaccinology, I am pessimistic we will ever get one. Assuming we successfully eradicate COVID 19 from this country by end of 2020, and this may occur given the current...
  3. A

    Coronavirus & possible impact on OW Classic Reward bookings

    Hello, The situation with airlines suspending/cancelling flights has got me thinking about Plan B, C, ... In July 2019 I booked a OneWorld Classic Reward itinerary through Qantas for 2, starting 21st April 2020. For now, the main concern is our first two legs (PER-HKG-MLE). CX has already...
  4. Archphoto

    CX Attempting to Offset the Effects of Covid-19/Coronavirus on Travel

    Seems CX is attempting to soften the blow brought about by Covid-19 and reduced travel for many of their Marco Polo members. Got an email this afternoon stating the following: "Dear Ozphoto We understand that concerns about the coronavirus and travel restrictions imposed by different countries...
  5. Renato1

    Racism and the Coronavirus

    Lots of hints and messages from politicians and the media about Racism towards Chinese people, especially as evidenced by the huge drop off in people going to Chinatown and predominantly Chinese shopping districts around Melbourne. Only problem is - when I've been to those places - 80 to 90% of...
  6. Seat0B

    Qantas award flight via Shanghai re-booked due to COVID-19 - well done Qantas, but call centre not good

    I was in Japan with Seat0A on Qantas business class classic rewards booking when the corona virus started to get ugly in late January. Our return flights were also award seats, JAL Tokyo to Shanghai on 11 Feb, 2 day stop over, then China Eastern from Shanghai to Sydney on 13 Feb. All of a...
  7. M

    Will Coronavirus push fares down on carriers especially CX, JL?

    I am travelling to Paris in June and still have not purchased a ticket. Keeping in mind that June is pretty much peak season in Europe, I checked today and I can get a rtn MEL-CDG on CX for $1300 - which is pretty cheap for Europe in general on a good airline, and especially for June. My...
  8. serfty

    Qantas Group Reducing services by effectively grounding 18 Aircraft due to Coronavirus

    Double SC's were mentioned and received more Prominence here, however there is other important news. Qantas announced the net profit impact of Coronavirus estimated at $100-$150...
  9. B

    Coronavirus is spoiling my platinum status. What are my options?

    Hi all Quick story time then my question. I've been flying the corporate routes for the last 10 years now. Usually around 40-50 trips a year, 130+ days away per year. All of it economy throughout AU/NZ, Asia and USA. In this time I've had WP for the last 7 years (Gold for 2). I was comped a...
  10. PineappleSkip

    CoVID-19, HKG and East Africa

    Just a placeholder right now. Kickoff in a couple of days. Never done a TR. Never even found where they lurk. But a transit through HK might be of interest...en route to the land of (DO NOT TRAVEL) milk and honey. Some context for this report in this Captain Joe Vlog about coronavirus and the...
  11. tgh

    Airlines are also facing COVID-19 challenges

    Delta Air Lines and Hawaiian Airlines are working with federal and state officials to trace the path of a married couple that has tested positive for coronavirus after visiting Hawaii...
  12. Colster

    Covid-19 - status pause

    Hi All, wondering what the hive minds view on QFF offering a status pause due to CV-19 is. I do most of my travel within Asia and my work has banned travel til unknown time. I think that QFF should offer status pauses like they do when having children. Thoughts?
  13. dylarr

    Changing flights to Hong Kong - Coronavirus

    Hi everyone, I have Qantas flights booked to fly to Hong Kong next month (March). Booked in May last year. Given the current Coronavirus situation, I do not want to travel to the region for at least a couple of more months so I can see how things play out. However unlike other airlines (VA...
  14. T

    COVID-19 in Japan and Japanese waters

    I am responsible for Japan-related information at work, so thought I would collect "developing news" reports here. There are too many other threads to know which one would be most relevant. A press conference is currently being held to discuss the results of testing for the people who arrived...
  15. robtemt

    Have you had to change/cancel travel due to COVID-19 (involuntarily or voluntarily)?

    I thought I would start a thread as a resource for AFFers who have changed or cancelled travel plans directly or indirectly due to 2019 n-CoV. Did the airline/cruise company cancelling or change your flight/cruise? Or, did you proactively or reactively cancel or change it on your own (and...
  16. B

    Currently travelling RTW Business Award Oneworld, Coronavirus outbreak causing flight cancellations with some destinations inaccessible upon arrival.

    Hi all, I've just joined but have been lurking the forums for some time learning from all of the lovely people here. Currently I find myself travelling RTW and feel the need to pay forward my experience travelling with the outbreak. Hopefully this will give anyone in the same boat some...
  17. B

    Hello, I am currently travelling RTW (during Coronavirus outbreak) and wish to pay it forward

    Hi all, I embarked on a journey RTW using Q-points accumulated and wanted to share my experience so far with rerouting due to the Coronavirus outbreak. I'm unfortunately unable to share any details in any other areas just yet, so it seems saying hello first! Look forward to helping out where...
  18. albatross710

    What are the travel opportunities in light of 2019 Novel Coronavirus?

    The airlines' networks have been hit by a seismic event prompting airlines and governments to take significant actions in regard to mainland China routes. What are the opportunities for (healthy) travellers?{ Getting cheap hotel spots here in Australia which those Chinese tour groups have left...
  19. whole-lotta-moxie

    Has anyone been impacted by the Coronavirus? Will travel insurance cover the costs if we wanted to cancel? Especially if the flights are with points.

    Has anyone been impacted by the Coronavirus? Will travel insurance cover the costs if we wanted to cancel? Especially if the flights are with points.
  20. Quickstatus

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Respiratory illness - Effect on Travel

    A virus similar to SARS has broken out in China (Wuhan province). The disease has also been detected in some SEA countries Theory is that virus is animal origin and has made an animal to human jump and is being propagated by human to human transmission. SIN, HKG and LAX are commencing...