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  1. juddles

    Qantas health and share price - do I smell a rat?

    Hi all, this thread was born due to a sequence of thoughts that were triggered in my head whilst reading the thread on "Does anyone know how many Qantas Platinum members there are?" As some will know here, I often defend Qantas. And I am certainly not one to believe in conspiracy theories and...
  2. B

    Qantas Health Insurance 100k points - how?

    HI all, I'm a little confused by the 100k bonus points if you switch to Qantas Health Insurance. What are the main requirements? I had a look through various disclaimers and came across the below link which states 100k "sign on" points will be awarded for various premiums per month...
  3. ethernet

    CPR and Doctors on Jetstar Airways JQ 61 26th July

    Apparently a medical emergency and CPR on the above Jetstar flight has not made the news. A few hours before HCMC a call for doctors on board was made. I do not know the outcome. But I did observe full on CPR for ages and ages and all possible assistance rendered. To the doctors and others I say...
  4. C

    thread for private health sign up bonuses

    Good evening all, Do we have a thread for sign up bonuses on private health plans? Given private health providers raise their premiums in April, we'll normally see more deals leading up to that time! An example would upto 70k flybuy points when joining medibank, link below...
  5. S

    Tips on Keeping healthy while flying

    Any Air travel safety tips???
  6. S

    Virgin joins AIA, 50% cashback on flights 2X per year

    Hi all, I received this notification in my inbox the other day. "From 30 October 2018, AIA Vitality members will receive up to 50% cashback on the base fare of eligible Virgin Australia-operated domestic and international flights" To get this benefit you have to be a member of AIA Vitality...
  7. Scott K

    Qantas Wellbeing App

    A strange alert appeared on the screen of my phone on Sunday. An armless kangaroo encircled by a heart-shape told me that it was awaiting the results of this week's 'challenge'. "That was strange" I thought to myself. "Something in the matrix has changed". I took a breath and delved in again. I...
  8. Points Pirate

    Qantas Assure Health and/or Life Insurance - 5,000 bonus (bonus) points

    You (and I) can earn 5,000 QFF points for using referral - details below. Referral bonus is in addition to normal sign-up bonus (see details here: Online Health & Travel Insurance Company | Qantas Insurance) However, for an additional 1,000 QFF points, first follow the health insurance...
  9. F

    Health hazard of Qantas Business Class seats on A330-300

    I recently traveled Melbourne - Hong Kong return on a Qantas A330-300. The Business Class seats on this aircraft are a very bad design and impose a high risk of deep vein thrombosis. The seats do not feature a footrest to enable the legs to be extended horizontally when the seat is reclined for...
  10. D

    Qantas Health Insurance, sign up bonus + Free lounge passes

    I have received an email offering a sign up bonus + free lounge passes (which I don't need as a WP) . has anyone else received the email and had a look at the offering?
  11. RooFlyer

    My Health Record

    Most would have heard that the new National 'My Health Record' is coming on line soon, and that you need to 'opt out' in the next three months if you don't want to be in it. I've just spent some time with my GP where this came into play and I though I'd share it, as it was quite different from...
  12. Steady

    Traveling to Singapore / India - Vaccinations & Maleria

    My wife and I are traveling through Singapore and India for about a week at each (+ Some others) later in the year, as my wife hasn’t had any travel vaccinations we went in to one of the Travel clinics to see if she needed anything, or if I was due for more. Most of what was discussed made sense...
  13. Pushka

    Health Insurance.

    So I am an Insurance kind of gal. Never leave home without it. But I hate Health Insurance. So now, at my age they no longer cover me for assisted reproduction and IVF - WT? They knew my age when I changed plans, and 'for my convenience' at July 1, I am no longer covered for knee and hip...
  14. I

    Amex points earn on HCF Health Insurance Premium

    Hi, I am about to pay my HCF Health Insurance Premium for a year at a cost of over $5,000 and have always used my bank issued Amex previously. Can anyone confirm points earn using my Amex charge or Plat Edge will only be 0.5 per $ as per t&c Earn 0.5 points per $1 spent on utilities...
  15. admin

    Vaccinations for South America

    Leaving late Feb for a long(ish) trip to South America. Will be visiting Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Mexico. Went too my GP for advice on what vaccinations to have and was given an extensive list including Yellow Fever, Hep A&B, Typhoid, Rabies, Tetanus etc etc. I understand that...
  16. Simo

    Healthy Beers

    Hi All, I am currently been drinking Big Head Beer.... Brewed by Burleigh Brewing Company. A Qld Brewery so supporting a local business. It is low in carbs and also no preservatives!!!! Good thing is no hangover.
  17. get me outta here

    Should parents give their children drugs to help them sleep on long-haul flights?

    Interesting article. Mentions some of the adverse effects too such as, "Professor Starr says the sedative he prescribes can cause paradoxical agitation in very rare cases, and this is far more likely with antihistamines." And, "poo-plosion". :shock: Should parents give their children drugs...
  18. Z

    Flying home to Melb from Colombo all in J on Ek and still jet lagged and shattered

    We got home Sunday morning after 2 Weeks in Seychelles and then we broke trip home with 2 nights in Colombo. I went to work on Tuesday and then couldn't go today, I think I slept for 2 hours max. The previous two night I popped a temazapan. Whilst I was awake at 1am I am thinking this is the end...
  19. irv

    Fit & Healthy

    So around 15 months ago I decided I needed to get healthy, too many of us enjoy our lifestyle without monitoring our health. Nothing extensive but I use my lunchtime to walk, usually 100 klm per month. Recently turned 59, lost 6k last year at the same weigh as 21. How do you keep up with life...
  20. I

    PER-LHR, ultra long haul & DVT

    Interestingly, following on from my comparatively tongue-in-cheek comments in the PER-LHR poll thread on the subject of increased DVT risk on the route, some interesting info has been highlighted by the ABC. ("Meta-analysis: travel and risk for venous thromboembolism". Harvard School of Public...