flight delays

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  1. RSD

    Bags delayed by two days - but which airline to hassle for compensation?

    My outbound legs were interesting to say the least - its not often that the airline send you to a different airport without telling you but I will save the detail on that for the trip report when I get a chance to write it. Amongst the craziness my bags finally found me about 48 hours after I...
  2. Dec1971

    Virgin Valet Parking - Sydney - flight delays

    I put my car in to the Virgin Valet Parking at SYD on Tuesday, just gone for three days, booked online and paid what I think is a very fair $189 (from memory). Returning on Friday from Launceston we were one of the many thousands of pax impacted by the strong winds and subsequent single runway...
  3. albatross710

    Don't let a delay ruin your holiday

    A couple of week s ago Mrs Albatross710 & I took an R&R trip with Qantas from BNE to DPS via MEL. Our outbound flight out of MEL departed >4 hours late bound for DPS The next day we were thinking about all of the horror posts and news articles that go viral about some person's flight being...
  4. futaris

    Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne Airport - 23 Nov 2018 - Delays due to weather

    Sydney Airport ✈️ on Twitter Thousands affected by Sydney Airport delays - Travel Weekly Bad news if you’re flying in or out of Sydney today 'It's mental': Chaos at Sydney and Melbourne airports as strong winds cancel flights No sign of Sydney Airport delays easing as strong winds set in...
  5. henrus

    22 Nov Delays and Weather

    Is anyone stuck somewhere they don't want to be this Thursday afternoon? I've heard that up to 1800 people have had to be moved around on Sydney-Melbourne Flights with many being rebooked on flights tomorrow morning and not being told about the rebooking. Many VA and even QF Platinums are on...
  6. Atleastonce

    SYD to HNL 21/11/2018 - 3 Hour Delay?

    Hi, I have a friend on QF3 today and has just got a change of time notification, being a 3 hour delay out od SYD. I have looked on Flightradar and there is no aircraft registration logged. I don’t know if it is an inbound delay that will cause this because I can’t find the actual aircraft for...
  7. M

    FR24: treatment of delays

    FR24 and competitors such as Plane Finder are amazing resources, rich in detail for air travellers. However, be aware that when flights are delayed and subsequently retimed by an airline, FR can show the arrival time as 'green' - which I assume means 'within (either) 15 mins or half an hour of...
  8. B

    Loyalty bonus prompt delay

    Is it just me, or... I returned from DUB last Tuesday via the LHR-PER flight (hip hip hooray for the op-up to J) and clocked the 500SC YTD QF marketed. It's been a week and I'm yet to see the prompt in my account re the loyalty bonus. What I can see is the statement saying what my LB YTD SCs...
  9. M

    Passenger believes they are entitled to va Lounge after flight delayed

    Passenger claims she was threatened with being booted from Virgin Australia flight What is it with people that they think they are entitled to things when flights are delayed.
  10. J

    Expected widespread delays/cancellations

    Sometimes there are delays across airlines due to factors such as the weather. I thought I'd start a new thread to centralise discussions of these events, rather than having them across multiple airline threads. To kick it off, the strong cold front that moved through WA today will make its...
  11. tobefree

    Will Qantas pay EU261 compo for QF2 LHR 4hr+ delays?

    Hi all, I was on the July 7th QF2 flight which returned back to Heathrow after 5hrs into its LHR-SING flight with a tech fault. Qantas aircraft then didn't depart LHR for another 12hrs+. I therefore should be eligible for EU261 compensation of Euros 600.... Am I right? I have already emailed...
  12. RooFlyer

    ACCC investigating Launceston delays, and other issues

    Sorry if this is old news, but just heard ACCC head Sims interviewed on ABC radio here in Tas. Said ACCC has opened an investigation into QantasLink cancellations at Launceston airport (a high rate - either 4% or 6% was quoted). Also said that ACCC is looking at the 'airline industry' in other...
  13. M

    Five years of Airline Delays/ Cancellations thread

    The QF delays/ cancellations thread commenced five years ago. How time flies. The level of interest will never match the AFF 'Ask the pilot' thread as latter is wonderful specialist advice. Hats off to those who give us that information. You know who you are. Thank you to all contributors...
  14. H

    Delaying status credits posting to my account

    I’ve already made WP for this year with my account resetting on August 31. Just found out I need to travel for business mid August. Are there any proven tactics I can use to delay the posting of status credits from this trip until after September 1st? I will already be delaying the 50SC...
  15. M

    Donghai Airlines Delays/Cancellations

    I had never heard of this airline, but on Wednesday 27 June 2018, DZ6223, the overnight SZX - DRW (B738 B-7100) is arriving at an estimated 0924 hours, 44 minutes late. It is one of very few international airlines that operate B738s to and from Australia.
  16. Bajar

    Points Delay

    Hi everyone, Anyone else finding that there is a long wait for FF points and status credits being added to their account? I’m still waiting for points from a trip CBR-ADL-CBR earlier this month and again after a trip yesterday CNS-SYD-CBR, I have been credited with the SYD-CBR leg, but the...
  17. B

    Delayed Baggage

    It was snowing in Helsinki and no baggage made it onto the Finnair flight to Rovaneimi. Staff at RVN said it could be 24 hrs or so before the bags arrived. We went shopping for some extra thermal undies etc. Our hotel called at around 10:30 next morning to say the bags had arrived. We decided to...
  18. M

    Tianjin Airlines Delays/Cancellations

    On Friday 20 April 2018, GS7945 from CKG down to MEL is expected to arrive at 1321 hours, 101 minutes late. GS7946 returning to mainland China, the 1340 hours is predicted to instead depart at 1445.
  19. Geegeela

    UK Flight Delays

    Flight delays possible as UK's air traffic controllers switch from paper to digital
  20. M

    Airport delays if not fault of airlines: who pays?

    The SYD passenger processing problems on the early morning of Friday 9 March due to security camera and other system failures were a classic case of the airport management, not JQ TT VA or ZL being responsible. In these circumstances, would the contracts between airlines and airports (with the...