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flight delays

For more information about Flight Delays, see our Flight Delay Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. luxury-lizard

    SQ 25 delayed on July 17/18

    We were booked on SQ FRA-SIN-MEL departing July 18 (SQ 25, which originates in JFK). Woke up at 6am as we had a 9am train from Stuttgart to FRA booked. Alert received (SMS and e-mail) that SQ25 delayed from 12:30pm to 14:30 (this later became 15:40) - panic - this meant we would miss our...
  2. kiwitripper64

    Whats your best experience on a delayed flight?

    We have all been held up on planes going nowhere and it can suck. After one late departure SYD-AKL we arrived very late and sat at the gate for 35 min because they could not get the air-bridge to connect. At 3am we were not amused. But what about the times where a delay is unexpectedly good...
  3. T

    Question VA347 delay Friday

    Anyone know what actually happened with the aircraft for VA347 from MEL to BNE on Friday evening 05/07/19, that caused them to close boarding, disembark existing passengers, delay, assess the aircraft, delay again then finally depart three hours later from a different gate with a different aircraft?
  4. K

    European flight delay compensation

    Seeking clarification on the usage of this. I recently had a flight on Icelandair from IAD-KEF. We boarded, sat on the tarmac for 2 hours, then told of a mechanical issue which could not be resolved. We we're put up in an airport hotel overnight then boarding essentially the same flight...
  5. Mattg

    Pax kicked off Air NZ flight for ignoring safety briefing

    I haven't seen this discussed here elsewhere yet. A couple has apparently been kicked off an Air New Zealand flight from Wellington to Auckland after refusing to listen to the safety briefing. They were seated in the exit row. Good on the cabin crew, I say...
  6. Sprucegoose

    Answered Pursue CX for their delay to get me to AY flight from SIN on time? One PNR.

    So it doesn't matter if I was on an AY ticket and travelling a CX flight from HKG to SIN to transfer to AY flight I still pursue CX for their delay to get me to AY flight from SIN on time? One PNR.
  7. Quickstatus

    AVV Delays [In Processing - 2+ hours common]

    Recently some friends flew D7 218 KUL-AVV Now AVV is not considered a busy airport by any metric nor is it a mega hub. However the time it took from aircraft door to car was 2hr 50 min. No specific reasons such as missing luggage, immigration or quarantine/custom issues. It just took that...
  8. M

    Samoa Aiways Delays/Cancellations

    Saturday 6 April 2019 has OL856, the timetabled 2125 mid evening flight from SYD to APW cancelled.
  9. bigjobs

    Sydney airport delays tonight (14/3/19).

    What's doing there tonight? FR24 has planes all over the place coming in towards Sydney.
  10. R

    Answered How much is fair for a 7 hour delay?

    Hello all, Was recently on an extensively delayed QFi service (QF117). The A/C was on the inbound QF118 the previous day, so had a 4 hour turnaround time in SYD. The flight was originally delayed for 2 hours at ~1500 (from 1550 to 1750), citing engineering issue. At this point the CX flight...
  11. M

    Neos Delays/Cancellations

    Apparently Neos is an Italian leisure airline (apologies, I'm quoting Wiki). On Thursday 20 December in what may be its first visit to Oz, B738 I-NEOS is arriving in SYD (ex APW) at 2122 hours, 57 minutes late.
  12. D

    Answered What value should be placed on persistent delays?

    I'm curious to know what value AFF members place on a particular airline service persistently delaying their service which impacts on personal time. I believe it is acceptable to allow an airline to incur delays due to weather events which are beyond their control. However, if the airline...
  13. mrsterryn

    Answered QF12 delayed 16/17th Dec

    Having caught this plane previously it does appear to have a late track record It took off quite late last night from LAX. Do they wait for passengers only and the luggage is dealt with later on another flight back to Aust to save time ? Thanks Edited to make more sense :)
  14. RSD

    Answered Bags delayed by two days - but which airline to hassle for compensation?

    My outbound legs were interesting to say the least - its not often that the airline send you to a different airport without telling you but I will save the detail on that for the trip report when I get a chance to write it. Amongst the craziness my bags finally found me about 48 hours after I...
  15. Dec1971

    Virgin Valet Parking - Sydney - flight delays

    I put my car in to the Virgin Valet Parking at SYD on Tuesday, just gone for three days, booked online and paid what I think is a very fair $189 (from memory). Returning on Friday from Launceston we were one of the many thousands of pax impacted by the strong winds and subsequent single runway...
  16. albatross710

    Don't let a delay ruin your holiday

    A couple of week s ago Mrs Albatross710 & I took an R&R trip with Qantas from BNE to DPS via MEL. Our outbound flight out of MEL departed >4 hours late bound for DPS The next day we were thinking about all of the horror posts and news articles that go viral about some person's flight being...
  17. futaris

    Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne Airport - 23 Nov 2018 - Delays due to weather

    Sydney Airport ✈️ on Twitter Thousands affected by Sydney Airport delays - Travel Weekly Bad news if you’re flying in or out of Sydney today 'It's mental': Chaos at Sydney and Melbourne airports as strong winds cancel flights No sign of Sydney Airport delays easing as strong winds set in...
  18. H

    22 Nov Delays and Weather

    Is anyone stuck somewhere they don't want to be this Thursday afternoon? I've heard that up to 1800 people have had to be moved around on Sydney-Melbourne Flights with many being rebooked on flights tomorrow morning and not being told about the rebooking. Many VA and even QF Platinums are on...
  19. Atleastonce

    Answered SYD to HNL 21/11/2018 - 3 Hour Delay?

    Hi, I have a friend on QF3 today and has just got a change of time notification, being a 3 hour delay out od SYD. I have looked on Flightradar and there is no aircraft registration logged. I don’t know if it is an inbound delay that will cause this because I can’t find the actual aircraft for...
  20. M

    FR24: treatment of delays

    FR24 and competitors such as Plane Finder are amazing resources, rich in detail for air travellers. However, be aware that when flights are delayed and subsequently retimed by an airline, FR can show the arrival time as 'green' - which I assume means 'within (either) 15 mins or half an hour of...