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  1. S

    Bad behaviour in airports - would you say something

    I was at HBA airport yesterday heading for security. Was in a slight hurry because despite being the only person in the VA priority check-in line I had to wait quite some time because of some once-a-year fliers at the check-in desks trying to check-in excess baggage but refusing the pay for it...
  2. T

    MH attitude to QFF elite status pax

    Mrs Beast and I are travelling BKK-KUL-ADL in discount economy late April with MH. I am WP and she is SG. Just wondering if anyone else has any experience as to how MH treats QFF/OW elite tier passengers. Has anyone scored an upgrade or a better seat (exit row, aisle) on the basis of the QFF/OW...
  3. TheEmu

    Dress Standards and Should P1 get CL access?

    I would love to see a reasonable dress code introduced! Hi-viz, smart casual is fine but the singlets, thongs, etc, not a good look IMHO. It's a club with entry requirements and restrictions; dress should be one of them.
  4. D

    Wearing Thongs in Business - does it affect how you are served?

    Brads photos show clearly that VA cater for all........even those who wear thongs in business class :shock: ! Oh the ignamy :(, but perhaps in this case like attracts like? I don't often travel in J but even in zoo I wear something other than Japanese riding boots and I wouldn't consider them...
  5. Hvr

    The unfriendly skies: Chinese pax outrageous behaviour

    This seems to highlight a problem with air travellers the world over. Packed planes, not enough capacity to handle the traffic including ATC and even not knowing how to behave in public. How long until it starts to happen here I wonder?
  6. P

    Arm rest etiquette

    What's the etiquette on armrests? On the occasions that I've had to endure a middle economy seat (never by choice), my window and aisle travellers seem to assume both middle armrests are theirs, even extending to elbows straying into the centre seat space. I know economy seating can be cramped...
  7. U

    No reply to disrespectful manner in which Qantas Club access was denied

    Disrespectful treatment by Qantas staff at the Adelaide Qantas Club I am adding my experience to the many others who have been denied access to the QANTAS Club. On the morning of the 22nd November, my office administrator suggested that I should go to the QANTAS Club in Adelaide, showing my...
  8. N

    Check-in Etiquette

    We are a group of 6 on 4 PNR’s Couple, 1 SG, 1 NB Couple, NB Single, PS Single, NB Question: Is it acceptable to all check-in together at a premium counter & if so, which one?
  9. S

    Appropriate Behaviour in the QF Lounges

    I was in the Qantas domestic business lounge in Melbourne yesterday. A man and his wife sat a few seats away from me and while she was reading a magazine he was clipping his fingernails. The tell tale clicking sound of nail clippers initially drew my attention to them. I was disgusted and...
  10. A

    Disgraceful DYKWIA behaviour

    There have been many threads and posts about aspects of this one, I apologise for that but this warrants it's own discussion, IMHO. This afternoon, Sydney to Per in Y I was sat next to a guy who after the obligatory chat, was a high flying lawyer. He was WP (saw his Q tag on the carry on, one...
  11. Simsy85

    Inter-class etiquette - what is fair?

    Okay - here is a question for you: In three weeks time Mr and Mrs Simsy are shouting Ma & Pa Simsy to a 5 week trip to the states. Mrs Simsy had a work thing and is flying over the day after the rest of us. Ma & Pa Simsy are flying Y+ on AirNZ and i'm flying J (AirNZ's highest class of...
  12. markis10

    DJ Crew to get etiquette lessons

    VIRGIN Australia cabin crew are being ordered to take classes in etiquette, posture and language as part of the company's bid to take on Qantas as the airline of choice for business-class passengers. Among the changes, flight attendants will no longer be able to greet passengers as "mate" -...
  13. HarryB

    Dealing with poor manners

    I apologise if this has been discussed before so please forgive my laziness for not checking properly. No doubt most if not every AFF member has encountered bad manners of varying degrees while flying so how does everyone deal with it? What has prompted this is on a recent flight my wife and...
  14. kempvet

    WP asking Etiquette when flying International Y

    been offered many things in the past by the FAs as WP in Y, newspapers, NCHS, the odd wine from F. Just wonder what the asking etiquette should be, a meal from J too much to ask for or does this step over the etiquette line. Just wonder is there a limit to what should be asked for (or offered by...
  15. Cruiser Elite

    Takeoff and Landing - Regulation / Etiquette

    Flew VA J PER-SYD yestrday and a coupla things rteally struck me - would appreciate input from others. Part 1. After all pax loaded and doors closed - FS announced that doors are closed now and all mobile phones should now be turned off - pretty standard huh? As we are taxiiing to runway FS...
  16. yo yo ma

    A guide to good flight etiquette

    Nothing much new in this article: Don't play your music too loud Use consideration when reclining Don't take up all the carry-on space Don't hog the armrest A guide to flight etiquette
  17. tuapekastar

    IFE audio etiquette

    I flew BNE-MEL last night departing around 1910. I was listening to one of the music stations on the IFE (this was a non-AVOD 738) and I had it turned up pretty damn loud, maybe maximum (using the supplied el-cheapo headphones in Y). I was in 4C, 4B was vacant and a lady was in 4A. Well into...
  18. Taezar

    How many children per parent is "respectful" to other pax or even doable?

    I ask because today there was one parent w 3 children under 8, the two eldest were fighting, complaining, yelling to their parent and the youngest was a post toddler-too big for a bassinet (though they tried and the child fell through but was allowed to stay in). Obviously there are multiple...
  19. D

    My Pleasant Surprise - Well done VA and Velocity

    Long time lurker, first time poster.. I just had a very pleasant surprise flying back from SYD - MEL tonight.. I checked in through the premium lounge entry as normal and received my boarding pass. As I am always late, I didn't pay very much attention to it and just stuffed it in my pocket as...
  20. markis10

    Strange Attitude of DJ SYD lounge staff

    Maybe its just me or perhaps its the shirt I am wearing but tonight I have been informed that DJ have a policy of 2 beers in the first hour and 1 beer every hour after that in the Sydney lounge by the current attendant - Mr Juvic, I have also been informed that I cannot get beers for others...