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travel etiquette

For more information about Travel Etiquette, see our Travel Etiquette Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. Foreigner

    China etiquette

    Useful tips. When in China. Chinese Etiquette, Do and Don'ts in China '...at the end of the meal you should leave a little on the plate to demonstrate the generosity of the host.'
  2. W

    new QF dress regulations - social media backlash

    Qantas lounge dress code sparks social media backlash Estelle Lucas, a sex worker who was travelling from Melbourne to Perth, where there is a science fiction convention on, said she was refused entry to the Qantas Club in Melbourne on Wednesday because she was wearing thongs. "I alternate...
  3. graxx

    Qantas Lounge Dress Standards- a QF response at last.

    Two years ago I started this thread (there have been others too): Qantas Lounge StandardsQantas have tried to keep their International and Domestic Lounges up to a very high, 'up-to-the-international-competition' standard and they are mostly pretty stylish. Coming through the Los Angeles Lounge...
  4. SpudOz

    Lounge etiquette

    I am now in the Qantas Lounge in Singapore with my husband. A couple of blokes sitting nearby have been deep in conversation for the last hour. Their talk was peppered with swearing and they got progressively louder. After a while I had enough and asked them to tone it down a bit. They...
  5. markis10

    What's your flight etiquette ?

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk9yprS335k Jetblue feel a need to educate their potential customers.
  6. B

    Airport Etiquette

    I was in BNE last week and waiting in line at the Avis counter in dom. near the carousells. Guy in front of me was being served and half way through the proceeding he was heard to say "hang on a minute" and he walked away, over to the carousel to try and locate his bag(s), then wandered back to...
  7. Warks

    General attitude towards lounge service staff

    I was in the VA lounge last week and had ordered a barista drink. There you order and wait to one side while it's made with all the other orders. I saw people's orders called and they would come up and take their "skim latte soy mochachinos" without even a glance at the person serving them and...
  8. Flying Fox

    Worse than feet on bulkheads

    If you thought bare feet on bulkheads was gross; you might up-chuck at this! Its totally disgusting - United Airlines passenger uses foot to change cabin dial on plane | News.com.au Exception - OK I'm assuming here that the person had two perfectly well functioning arms.
  9. D

    Feet and shoes on Bulkhead?

    Flew down to Mel for SYD this mooring and saw my old pet hate. The pax in 1B with her terrible blue coloured sneakers firmly planted on the bulkhead. Her sole was touching the reading material pocket. I think thats disgusting and expect better from a women in her 60's. I was tempted to ask if...
  10. B

    Another dress code question - Qantas First Lounge

    Hey there, getting very excited about my upcoming trip with my girlfriend to Sth America and the World Cup! We are flying out from Sydney to Santiago - and my father has given me 2 Qantas First Lounge Passes - extremely excited about this. It's one hell of a way to start our trip. As my...
  11. M

    How one fellow gained his 'self respect' by abandoning mindless FF loyalty

    This is lifted from the fora at Discussion - Business Traveller Asia so I hope to do that is within AFF forum rules. It is such an interesting, well written piece that I adjudged it worthy of transfer to a different audience. That site has a lot of UK residents and expats reading it. (The...
  12. O

    Singapore Lounge-Dress Code?

    Should there be a dress code of some description in lounges? I was in the Singapore lounge on Friday night in the meal section. The food was beautiful, very good selection, lovely presentation. The staff there are very attentive and very good service. Sitting there having a meal, when in...
  13. Foreigner

    Travel etiquette

    Five tips which I fully agree with... Top 5 Travel Etiquette Tips - Road Warriorette I would add another one or two about boarding: - keeping the boarding area at the gate clear until boarding is called. - joining the queue rather than cutting in.
  14. M

    Dress code in QP

    So...currently slumming it with the masses in the QP in SYD because the J lounge is closed for cleaning, I was under the impression that there was some form of dress code here...Gees was I wrong. What's the strangest thing you've seen in a QP? Mine is a family all wearing the same Christmas...
  15. cmon0005

    Window shade etiquette

    Hi all, After reading a thread on seat reclining etiquette it reminded me of something I had experienced recently flying from MEL-HKG on CX we took off at 9:15am and landed at HKG around 3:30pm. Now personally when flying during the day I like to have a fully lit cabin(or even dimly lit) with...
  16. D

    QF4 HNL-SYD in J -a pleasant enough experience but feels like first class in 1980s

    Took advantage of a Qantas sale to take a return business class flight from Sydney to Honolulu, to mark a special celebration for my partner. I will review the return day flight, although the forward overnight flight was similar. It's on a very old 767, and I was pleased to have read the AFF...
  17. A

    dress code in international business/first lounge

    Few days ago at SIN business/first lounge, noticed couple of men in shorts. is there any dress code at first/biz lounge or just SIN more relax with dress code?
  18. T

    MH attitude to QFF elite status pax

    Mrs Beast and I are travelling BKK-KUL-ADL in discount economy late April with MH. I am WP and she is SG. Just wondering if anyone else has any experience as to how MH treats QFF/OW elite tier passengers. Has anyone scored an upgrade or a better seat (exit row, aisle) on the basis of the QFF/OW...
  19. TheEmu

    Dress Standards and Should P1 get CL access?

    I would love to see a reasonable dress code introduced! Hi-viz, smart casual is fine but the singlets, thongs, etc, not a good look IMHO. It's a club with entry requirements and restrictions; dress should be one of them.
  20. D

    Wearing Thongs in Business - does it affect how you are served?

    Brads photos show clearly that VA cater for all........even those who wear thongs in business class :shock: ! Oh the ignamy :(, but perhaps in this case like attracts like? I don't often travel in J but even in zoo I wear something other than Japanese riding boots and I wouldn't consider them...