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travel etiquette

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  1. H

    Dress Code for Qantas First Lounge?

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post so please be nice :mrgreen: I was wondering if there is a dress code for the Qantas First Lounge? My partner is a QFF Platnium and we are flying to HNL in March, and was planing on accessing the first lounge, do we need to dress up? My partner wants to...
  2. A

    Mobile Phone Etiquette / Conventions at Work

    I thought this deserved a thread of its own (I guess I'm not high on boosting TOTT now that it's beaten the infamous Amex thread :rolleyes:). At work, what rules/etiquette/expectations/conventions/etc. do you follow in the use of your mobile phone? This includes: Do you change your phone to...
  3. G

    Why it pays to speak clearly and politely to checkin staff

    Using the airline to whom this FF belongs, I indistinctly indicated I would not be adverse to an earlier flight out of Brissie. I neglected to notice the checkin was harrassed, and dealing with a burnout in an earlier flight, and mass rebookings. I wasn't asking for an upgrade or a freebie. I...
  4. J

    QF Domestic J Lounge - Dress Code

    I'm SG and I've finally decided to redeem some points (currently have 250,000, never used any) to upgrade a MEL-BNE flight on Friday. Was booked on a relatively cheap fare so the 12,000 points was a good deal, IMO. I have flown J several times before both domestic and international, and happy...
  5. K

    Dear Rebecca of GB Airways, please lose the attitude.

    I flew LGW-MLA with GB "soon to be Sleazyjet but still flying as BA till later this year" Airways yesteday with loads of FTers to the MLA DO, but alas in whY. And it seemed the switch to Sleazyjet had occurred earlier than I thought. After the first drinks service, I was getting a little...
  6. ditto

    Should there be a dress code when flying

    Should there be a minimum dress code when flying? Last week we returned from Bali - not the first trip so we do know what to expect - but I am constantly astounded at what people consider suitable attire to wear on a plane. I wouldn't consider myself a snob but I would think that footwear...
  7. Anna

    Etiquette in Japan

    I am heading to Japan next week. I've heard it is very rude to wipe your nose in public and that it is considered more polite just to sniff. Is this true? Are there any other little rules like that I should know about? It's a leisure visit, so no business meetings to contend with.
  8. D

    Safety attitude on AA

    Comments in another thread about window shades, prompted me to seek others thoughts regarding safety on AA. After a few flights on them in the last couple of months, I have noticed some things, that after being used to the high safety standards of Qantas, that make me wonder. Firstly, the...
  9. SeatBackForward

    Pleasant surprise

    Well I'm only a Silver FF (why do I always want to type it as SILFFER?) but had a pleasant surprise when travelling back tonight, my work colleague that I travelled with got me into the Chairmans Lounge! Its a lot like the QP only smaller, nowhere near as crowded and of course has well hidden...
  10. K

    Dresscode in the lounges

    I did a search on the forum and found a thread back in 2003 about dresscodes in the lounges. Some of you appeared to have problems with people in shorts and thongs, or generally not looking 'smart' back then. Do people still hold similar views in 2006? What if someone is dressed in...