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  • hey nlagalle,

    You seem like a respected member of this community.
    An acquaintance recently gave me a link to the Platinum Edge Credit Card.
    However, I realised that he receives 10,000 membership rewards points (=$100) as a result of my application.
    I would like to split this 50/50, but do not know how to approach this topic with him, so I have sought out respectable third parties for this matter.
    My offer to you, should you choose to accept this in the next 48 hours, is that I will sign up for the Platinum Edge Credit Card using your referral link, and upon successful application and receipt of the 10,000 points by you, request that you split this 50/50 with me (netbank me $50).
    I will, of course, be at a loss if you do not carry this out after receiving the points, but my analysis is that you are a respected community member and this will not happen.
    Thanks and please confirm when you have read this whether you are willing to do this or if I should ask someone else.

    Mrscove has just reminded me that we have a 6pm dinner on Wednesday night at the Hyatt. Are you in Perth one more night?
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