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inflight entertainment

For more information about Inflight Entertainment, see our Inflight Entertainment Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. S

    IFE/AVOD - TV Show listing?

    Hi there, My GF and are are travelling to London next weekend and noticed that there is "120 TV Programs" available. (see http://www.qantas.com.au/info/flying/inTheAir/entertainment/avod) They dont offer a listing of these TV shows however it would be nice to know of some of them? Anyone care...
  2. Flashback

    Crashing the IFE

    Slashdot | Crashing an In-Flight Entertainment System rabblerouzer writes "Hugh Thompson, who was interviewed by Slashdot on the dangers of e-voting, now has a cool blog entry on how he was able to bring down the gaming/movie console on an airplane. He calls it one of the most interesting...
  3. D

    Problem with QF IFE system admitted to by QF

    Full story at Gremlins give passengers a dose of cabin fever - Technology - theage.com.au Dave
  4. NM

    Sq Y Ife

    A friend is flying SQ to the Maldives for his honeymoon soon. He wants to know what type of headphone connector SQ use on the 777 aircraft in Y. Is it a single 3.5mm stereo jack or the dual 3.5mm mono like Qantas use on some aircraft? Or is it something different again. He wants to use his new...
  5. H

    QF11 and QF94 avod?

    Hi All, Will be flying QF11 and QF94 in the coming weeks - any idea if these 747-400s have been upgraded to avod? Also, I am SG but flying M class going over and Q class on my return - what are my chances for an upgrade here do you think? Are these flights likely to be full? I am flying...
  6. S

    Qantas inflight entertainment system any good?

    Hi i was just wondering what is Qantas' inflight entertainment system like on the boeing 747? some of my friends say its terrible and some say its great! Can someone please help!! Also I was just wondering what are the games that are onboard? Thanx!! :lol:
  7. Yada Yada

    Qantas is voted best for IFE

    [/font] WTF??????? :o
  8. C

    RE: AVOD on A330-300

    Has anyone been on a A330-300 lately? In particular, PER to SIN. Any problems with the AVOD system? Last time i was on QF77 and 78, the AVOD was not working at all. They must have rebooted 5 times with no success. (May 2006) Reason i ask is that i'm thinking of using 24000 FF points to...
  9. P

    Qantas Inflight Entertainment System

    I just returned from a trip to the US flying Syd - Lax then return Sfo - Syd. On the flight over the interactive part of the inflight system was broken inc the phone then on the return the system was broken completely in the seat I had (locked up) and once again the phone was completely broken...
  10. Kalan

    QF175 BNE to LAX - AVOD?

    I know Qantas are rolling out AVOD on their 747-400s over the next 12 months or so. Does anybody know if the BNE to LAX direct flights have this feature yet?
  11. S

    AVOD on QF 175/176

    What are the chances of having AVOD on QF175 & QF176 in early October? And if the flights dont have AVOD, will they at least have in-seat LCD's? Most of the international QF I have flown recently has been to the phillipines, and those flights still have the big screen and projector!
  12. N

    Qantas IFE

    Just wondering if anyone knows whether Qantas have completed installing the In-Flight Entertainment System in all of their 747's??
  13. G

    inflight entertainment

    okay - this is going to sound really nerdy.... but im after a copy of the jingle/ambient track/visual ..thing.. qantas plays between programs inflight im sure you've all seen and heard it 10000 times .. ive even contemplated(?) taking a small recorder onboard to record it.. anyone know...