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  1. O

    Airline complaints - overcharging

    Is there somewhere to register airline complaints? I booked a flight with jetstar to perth leaving the end of august back in February, since then I have had a dozen flight changes which means my partner can no longer fly. As a result I wanted to change the second passenger which will cost...
  2. JerseyVics

    $65 Compensation for a Jim Bean shower...

    I wrote a little note to DJ customer service about an incident on my flight to Cairns for the FlyerTalk do, where I got dousted with Jim Bean by one of the flight attendants collecting rubish. About a month later, today, I got an e-mail explaining that this is not how they do business and was...
  3. oz_mark

    Tiger Airlines starts taking complaints seriously

    Tiger Airlines starts taking complaints seriously About time....
  4. NM

    Bizarre holiday complaints made by British tourists

  5. C

    compensation for missed flights due to travel agent error

    Recently my partner and I missed our flight home from Los Angeles because the flight was rescheduled and we didn't know. The airline rang the travel agent to request our email and phone number but the travel agent only gave our Australian mobile number to the company even though our only point...
  6. Nigelinoz

    United Airlines pulls the plug on passenger complaints

    From United Airlines pulls the plug on passenger complaints United Airlines is dropping an Indian customer call centre that took compliments or complaints after a flight, telling customers to send a letter or e-mail instead. The America's third-largest airline told workers on Tuesday that it...
  7. J

    Compensation Received from Qantas

    Recently I was booked BNE-SYD then SYD-WELL with Qantas. As I boarded the first leg it was announced that there were technical problems with the aircraft. I had just boarded so turned around to get off but staff inssited I take my seat. 10 minutes later they kickedf everyone off. The next...
  8. beardoc

    Can I ask for compensation?

    I'm sitting in the SYD T3 QP at the moment - I'm a lifetime QP (paid) and have been waiting to board QF544 at 6:0pm from SYD-BNE. It's now 11pm and I still have not boarded. It's looking like they're going to cancel. In this circumstance, I know they'll pay for a taxi home (I live in Sydney)...
  9. S

    When / IF does Qantas deliver compensation?

    Demands for some form of compensation from Qantas have been ignored so I am coming here to ask for others sage advise.... As yet-another unfortunate victim of Qantas' cruel joke of the wage dispute between the mechanics and management, I and many others suffered this first-hand Saturday when...
  10. T

    Delayed luggage compensation - TG

    I had a look at previous threads but did not find one that closely match my problem. Early January I flew TG SIN -LAX J via BKK. In BKK I had a 3 hour stopover, but apparently it was not enough for my luggage to make connection. After waiting for 3 hours in LAX, I was told to fill out a form...
  11. Homer

    Complaints over Ryanair bikini calendar

    Next time you're on a QF domestic service, just close your eyes and try to imagine a QF version of this calendar.... :shock: Complaints over Ryanair bikini calendar - News - Travel -
  12. C

    Flight delays and Compensation

    Hi Everyone! Last weekend, I was to fly Perth- SING- London on Qantas in Business Class. When i got to the airport in Perth, they informed me that the flight from Sing- Lon had been delayed by at least 12 hours due to mechanical difficulties, and they would be putting us up in a hotel in...
  13. S

    Any ground for compensation on AA cancelled flight JFK-BOS?

    Our AA JFK-BOS flight was cancelled by AA and since it was the last flight on the day, we had to stay overnight in JFK. There was a lot of flight got cancelled that day from JFK (10 Jul 07) due to weather (according to them). All the hotels near the airport was sold out and we managed to get a...
  14. M

    Airtrain Brisbane Compensation for late trains

    I'm sure this is new. Hmm A few interesting things you must do to claim though! I can't see myself hitting the 'emergency' button on a train because I'm liable to miss my flight :confused: Brisbane's Airtrain - Airtrain Guarantee
  15. D

    Compensation for lost luggage / disruption to travel

    Hi Question: What compensation do you think we are entitled to ? Recently when travelling as a family (2 adults and 4 kids aged 13yrs-15mths) from London to Rome BA (qantas ticket) lost our pram which was checked at the gate (and stolen we suspect). The trip was a free sidetrip from our...