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  1. kelvedon

    Free App for Airline Compensation Obligations

    Thought I'd share this article I came across on the BBC travel website. The EU has put out a free App which you can download outlining your rights for compensation or reimbusement if your flights to and from the EU are delayed or cancelled, or Baggage lost etc. This means you can easily access...
  2. Katie

    Compensation: where's my ruddy Taittinger, huh??!

    In our enthusiasm to take part in the AFF Christmas do, we booked QF8 and JQ35 to get the MEL with a Flounge interlude in SYD. A while ago, JQ35 was cancelled, and pax like me were suggested onto other JQ dom flights. Quelle Horreur darlings. Some sweet talking (very hard for me, I much prefer...
  3. M

    QF Complaints - How have they handled yours?

    Interested to see how many people here have made a complaint to QF and never had a reply, or received one but not happy. I made a complaint to them over 2 months ago, have heard nothing from them since. Poll is not public, so feel free to be honest. ;)
  4. M

    attention red roo - resolution of award bookings ex bkk and china

    red roo I'm about to embark on my next tour of Asia and will be making use of my hard earned frequent flyer points to book intra Asia awards on cx. the majority of these journeys will originate in Thailand or china. problem is, while awards can be booked on line, you are required to present...
  5. RSD

    Compensation or ?

    Was booked on QF today flying full Y fare DPO - MEL - BNE - CNS and we were 1.5 hours late taking off from DPO due to the inbound aircraft going U/S in MEL. Missed the connection out of MEL so got put onto JQ to CNS:( and got the usual collect bags and recheck them in, screaming kids, no IFE...
  6. M

    How long does VA generally take respond to website originated complaints?

    Does anyone know how long VA generally take to respond to complaints through their website? The site mentioned up to 21 days but said priority would be given to status members. (I'm a platinum member).
  7. Foreigner

    EU court rules airlines must pay compensation

    ...for flight delays of over three hours, except for delays caused by extraordinary circumstances: Looks...
  8. mannej

    Train Cancellations UK - Any compensation due?

    I was on a train between Manchester and Newcastle last week which was cancelled before it reached Newcastle. Has anyone been in similar circumstances, and if so is there any entitlement to compensation? The fact that we were left to fend for ourselves without any support was very poor IMHO...
  9. P

    Qantas cancelled business seat -what compensation is reasonable

    I bought two business class seats on qantas to London via Bangkok. In Sydney we received the boarding passes for both sectors . When we arrived in Bangkok in business class lounge we were informed that we had been bumped from the flight despite having seating allocated in Sydney ( and being...
  10. robd

    VA/Velocity Email Address for Issues or Complaints?

    I have a ticketing issue (retrospectively) that I need to have investigated and want to know if there is a direct email address that I can use? I don't want to use the contact page on the website because I want to keep a "sent" copy for my own records and want my email address registered. It...
  11. B

    Experience wirh space available upgrades given in compensation for inconvenience

    Hi All, Well I was given one of these, and its starting to look to me like they are not worth as much as Qantas would claim when they give them to you. It looks like they are in effect a gate upgrade, much like an op up. With all other upgrades now clearing days before, is Qantas pulling one...
  12. A

    What compensation is fair from airline when you have a shocking flight???

    I flew Etihad from Sydney to London return in business class. Flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi (14 hours) was plagued with electrical problems in our section of the plane. For most of the flight (over 10 hours) we did not have any power: no lights, no video, no radio, no power for a laptop...
  13. markis10

    TCF (travel compensation fund) closing - Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)

    Read in the weekend Australian the fact the TCF is closing and soon there will be no protection for loss from closure etc of travel providers who have taken deposits. I am surprised it has not gotten more publicity!
  14. P

    What compensation should I seek WESTJET...baggage damaged?

    Hi all, Have Flown WESTJET twice so far and have another flight booked and paid to go(only 1 hour Montreal to Toronto) $600 in flights.. Second flight bag came out first but was damaged. The offers were: 1. Fix bag....not possible as stuff in bag and moving. 2. Credit for future flight to be...
  15. J

    compensation for theft of electrical goods from hotel room

    Some items were stolen from our hotel room in thailand valued at approx 1000 aud. The hotel has offered us a weeks worth of accomodation or marriott rewards points somewhere to the value of the lost goods. Any suggestions as to what we should take?
  16. Kefci2000

    How long for compensation claim to be processed for lost luggage?

    Hi all, AA lost my bag for about 28 hours on a YYZ-ORDx-DCA flight recently. At one point they said they had absolutely no idea where bag was and told me to go purchase clothes and lodge a claim. Have done so but have no idea how much they will pay or when it will be processed or indeed...
  17. P

    Complaints/Feedback using the email system - a complete bogus?

    AFFers, The VA complaints email system seems slightly ridiculous. I complained about a number (2 on the same day, and another the week before) of cancelled flights and the way the staff handled it at the airport. This was back in January (when it happened and when I lodged a complaint). The...
  18. T

    Qantas complaints

    Just wondering what kind of response people have had when lodging complaints with qantas. I sent an email 8 days ago complaining that my last 3 trips have all been delayed on the outbound leg, one instance of inexcusable human error caused me to need to reschedule a connecting flight (seperate...
  19. B

    Further compensation or elaborate scam?

    Hello, My GF and I were in Amsterdam last October when the Qantas fleet was grounded as a result we had to find alternate means of getting home to Australia. We subsequently received a refund for our replacement flights, free AU/NZ flight and First class lounge pass and Epiqure membership (a...
  20. Rebekkap

    Qantas very slow to respond to complaints

    Has anyone else written to Qantas lately with a complaint and found they were really slow to respond - or didn't respond at all? I wrote a letter about seat re-allocations when there are equipment changes around 10 August - it's now nearly two months later and no response.