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  1. S

    Missed flight connection - Compensation?

    Hi Perhaps I am naive, but I welcome opinions on my complaint with Qantas. and possible remedies. Last year I booked with Qantas a return flight Brisbane/Shangahi for the Expo. The return flight from Shanghai was via Hong Kong with Dragonair to Hong Kong and Qantas back to Brisbane. I booked the...
  2. O

    TripAdvisor faces ASA investigation after review complaints

    Heads up for people using TripAdvisor for reviews. TripAdvisor faces ASA investigation after review complaints TripAdvisor to be investigated by ASA over claims of 'fake reviews' posted on site
  3. M

    Missed connection and rebooked on next flight (24hrs) - typical compensation from UA?

    Not sure if this sub-forum is for MileagePlus queries only, but this is a query regarding United. I was booked on UA 839 LAX-SYD last night, with connection from COS. The connection time was about 75 minutes which numerous UA staff assured me would be ok. However, the COS-LAX leg was delayed...
  4. S

    Jetstar complaint resolution timeframe

    Hello all, flew with Jetstar and paid for an exit row. Attempted check-in via phone txt msg however the scanner was not working. Desk staff issued me with another boarding pass. It was only upon the aerobridge that I noted my seat was reallocated as well, from 13 (exit) to 8. Not really a...
  5. M

    Velocity Gold - Downgraded from Buisiness Class - VA8 LAX to BNE - Compensation???

    Hi everyone, I’ve joined this forum to see if any of my fellow travellers can offer any advice. Just over two weeks ago (Friday 4th March), after a terrible connecting flight with Delta from Minneapolis, I checked in at LAX to board VA8 to BNE thoroughly looking forward to my Business Class...
  6. tuppaware

    Status Credits/Compensation for Cancelled flight

    In part of my European Xmas trip I *was meant to fly to Vienna from London. (original ticket was BNE-SYD-LHR-VIE-LHR-SYD-BNE) It was booked on BA using a travel agent. Due to the closure of Heathrow our flight got delayed 24 hours in Bangkok before going on to london where my connection for...
  7. O

    Airline Compensation ...what is appropriate???

    Hi all, In December I flew Business Class return to Taipei via HK on Cathay. On the HK-SYD leg of the trip I found myself in a Business Class seat with no operational entertainment system. The airline knew about the defect and told me that they were trying to get it fixed before take off...
  8. S

    A reasonable compensation?

    This might have been discussed by members but I'm unable to find the thread... Recent trip to US with wife(QF Gold), mother-in-law and 6-month-old daughter. Purchased premium economy and requested bassinet. Outbound, no problem. Got stranded in LA for 4 days because of you-know-why, accommodated...
  9. Homer

    DJ compensation for “rogue aircraft” seems stingy...

    A couple of weeks ago we flew DJ Y+ from BNE-SYD. We didn’t pay for it directly - like a lot of DJ’s Y+ pax we were only there because we were connecting to a VA flight out of SYD and, because we happened to be in BNE the day before our flight, I saved some money by booking the tickets out of...
  10. M

    V Aust sold my Long Haul ticket, Should I be seeking Compensation?

    I recently purchased a BNE - NYC econ ticket through V Aust. The first leg of the journey, BNE-SYD was delayed (not only by 'mechanical problems' but we sat on the tarmac while crew sought to find passengers to give up their seats for 2 pilots, one of which had been drinking and clearly wasn't...
  11. harvyk

    Vocal minority leads the charge on airport noise complaints

    Vocal minority leads the charge on airport noise complaints | Seriously, why wouldn't these 20 people just move? Surely it would be easier than sitting there making 12,000 complaints, or averaging 600 complaints per person...
  12. simongr

    Book through TA - pay using compensation voucher

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone knew whether you could book travel on QF through a travel agent and then phone up QF and use a compensation voucher to "pay" for the travel. Is this possible or do I need to book through QF? On a related topic can two people be on the same booking in...
  13. F

    Qantas Compensation Query

    I booked a Quantas ticket from Ireland to Australia/NZ via the UK and Hong Kong. When in Hong Kong on my way back (4 day stopover) my flight got cancelled due to the volcano and I was told the next flight available for me was 3 weeks later. They also said I was not entitled to anything in...
  14. J

    compensation for flight delay on BA - stuck in Bangkok due to volcanoe dust cloud

    I've done a bit of googling and not really found an answer. Just wondering if I am entitled to any compensation from BA as my flight has been cancelled and I am sched to now leave on the 20th - if flights start again Monday. I've got a bit of cover thru my CC insurance, but it's limited to...
  15. D

    Is there value in a specific forum for airing airline complaints on AFF?

    I have been participating in AFF for a while now, and I don't know whether it's a sign of the times, or a sign of the increasing popularity of AFF, but there does seem to be an increase in the number and type of complaints about air travel experiences. Some are by established members, others by...
  16. albatross710

    QF compensation for IFE u/s

    On a recent flight SYD-LAX my S-I-L had a J seat which had a carried forward u/s IFE. She was offered up to $100 of her own choice purchases from the inflight duty free and a bottle of champers on deplaning. Fortunately the flight was overnight and she didn't miss the IFE. For the...
  17. oz_mark

    Complaints against airlines soaring

    Complaints against airlines soaring
  18. J

    Denied boarding and Premium Economy down grading – compensation if flying to EU

    On Friday 6 November I was due to fly in a Premium Economy from London to Sydney. After queuing for a nearly an hour in the “Premium” queue I was told that the flight was full and was now closed so I would not be able to board. The supervisor booked me on another airline in premium economy to...
  19. H

    Jetstar Written Complaints - Joke

    What a joke it is. Jetstar refuse to provide any avenue for formal complaint except for in writing; and even then they refuse to do anything. I sent them a letter back in August at the postal address provided on their website, in relation to a complaint where there is the inconsistency of QF...
  20. D

    Virgin family feud close to resolution

    FUll article at Virgin family feud close to resolution Dave