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travel insurance

For more information about Travel Insurance, see our Travel Insurance Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. B

    $229 for One Year of Travel Insurance for One Person with Multi-Trip Policy Cover

    May suit some, despite title includes spouse and dependants (when accompanying prime person). But only 21 days per trip. 1 Year of Travel Insurance
  2. T

    Which CC for Domestic Travel insurance coverage?

    Hi all I have Citibusiness Gold Visa and a WW Everyday Qantas Platinum cards. My travel will now require regular (domestic) hire cars and, reading around the forums, neither of these cards would cover the $3000+ insurance excess....or much i the way of TI generally. I have had no need or wish...
  3. D

    Additional credit card fee for travel insurance payment

    This year I paid our Amex Multi-Trip travel insurance premium using nab Velocity American Express card. The bank has charged me a "single currency" fee of 2.5%. The terms and conditions of the card say (quote) "NAB International Transaction Fee The following NAB International Transaction Fees...
  4. H

    Medibank Private Travel Insurance

    I just received an email with a 15% off promo code (TRVL0114). Has anyone used them and had any experiences they can share with the rest of us (good or bad). It's a bit cheaper than TID and they do multi trip multi person, so would suit me. Although I am not sure if TID requires you enter how...
  5. N

    Travel Insurance and Award travel

    Hi, I am looking to book a One World 140,000 Explorer fare for my wife and I in June/July and would like to know what would happen if she becomes pregnant and cannot fly at that time. Is it best to take out travel insurance for this, and can you claim for points lost because she cannot fly...
  6. J

    Altitude travel insurance question

    Hi all, anyone able to help with the following question? I've booked a holiday to Europe for my family in April, which involves a combination of reward and paid for tickets, all of which are one way. I paid the cash component of all fares using my Altitude Black, and I'm trying to figure out if...
  7. G

    Positive Platinum Charge Card Travel Insurance Change

    I was booking some overseas holidays and wanted to check the current state of the AMEX insurance since they downgraded the insurances last year to be only applicable if you paid for the entire trip using your AMEX. This was a serious downgrade for the charge card as some flight booking...
  8. M

    Travel Insurance Honoured Even Though Card is Cancelled?

    Hi, I have recently purchased an air tix for travel next yr using my Citibank Platinum card. However, I want to cancel this card now before my annual renewal fee which unforunately is before the travel dates. If I did proceed in cancelling my card, will Citibank still honour my complimentary...
  9. straitman

    Seniors Travel Insurance

    I'm looking for Travel Insurance for an 80+ year old (not me for the peanut gallery) for a trip between Oz and the UK. I can't find any recent threads so though I would ask the brains trust here. Does anyone have any good suggestions :?:
  10. P

    Travel Insurance TRS?

    Is it not goods? It attracts GST It is taken with me out of the country! Not mentioned here as NOT able to claim: Advice for travellers
  11. Foreigner

    Travel insurance - optional or essential?

    I haven't had a claim for flight delays, ever. If there were to be then the airline would come to the rescue in most instances, IMO. Nonetheless I keep an annual policy put together by the business broker. Essentially, I'm concerned about medical/injury risks.
  12. N

    Covermore NZ travel insurance- opinions on policy wording please

    Hi there. I've been reading a number of threads regarding travel insurance cover for missed flights due to delays with prior flights and as this could potentially happen to us on our upcoming trip to the US and Mexico, I thought I would ask our usual travel insurance provider, Covermore (NZ)...
  13. P

    Mac Plat credit card Travel insurance?

    Hi all, Have a return International ticket purchased on the PLAT card. The booklet of T&C: https://www.macquarie.com.au/dafiles/Internet/mgl/au/personal/docs/articles/creditcards-conditions-of-use.pdf?v=1 ACE Insurance Limited seem to be underwriters So anyone used them? Does each claim on...
  14. shearsense

    Complementary Travel Insurance - change?

    Recently got my new EarthBlack card and while flicking through T&Cs in a moment of boredom, I noticed this paragraph relating to the complementary travel insurance: "Cardholders, become eligible for this Overseas travel insurance when, before leaving Australia on an overseas journey, they have...
  15. R

    Travel Insurance Dilemma

    Hi Guys, We have two trips planned next year and not sure how to handle the insurance…. Jan 8 - Jan 25 in Bangkok / Singapore / Phuket …. then in the USA for 2 months July / August. Used to rely on the credit card insurance but with a mix of point travel and paid it all gets damn confusing ...
  16. T

    CitiBusiness Gold Travel Insurance

    It’s been a while since I last redeemed QFF points for flights. I moved a block of points from CBG to QFF a couple of months ago and was wondering if I would get the complimentary travel insurance if I redeemed QFF points for flights? Thanks.
  17. M

    CC Travel insurance for family members

    Does anyone know if CC travel insurance would extend to family members if they bought tickets using my card and I wasn't traveling with them? Or is this something better answered, and only answered, by the PDS?
  18. cmon0005

    AMEX Travel insurance 10% policy

    Hi All, When logging into my AMEX charge card account there is an offer for 10% off Travel Insurance, (issued by Allianz). Rate is quite reasonable for my upcoming holiday, just wanted to know what are peoples experiences with this insurance? Note: This is not the included insurance that some...
  19. N

    "Optional travel insurance"

    I spent 45 minutes tonight trying to book a one way ticket from BNE to SYD. VA's website was continually stuck with the waiting circle (or whatever it's called) and just kept hanging. I finally managed to book the flight, but after 6 or 7 attempts forgot to untick the travel insurance. VA...
  20. B

    Travel insurance questions (duration and spouse entitlements)

    Looking at the terms and conditions on Insurance - Citibank Australia a couple of questions arise. Any advice re these? (And yes, I have asked - I sent an email to Citibank a week ago asking about the first, but no reply). 1. Long journeys They have this clause If I purchase the flight with a...