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loyalty program

For more information about Loyalty Programs, see our Loyalty Program Tips and Tricks articles.
  1. D

    Get Etihad or Velocity points on flight

    I’m flying to Cairo then Casablanca and returning to Sydney all on Etihad flights. I’m a member of both Etihad and Virgin frequent flyer programs. Which points should I get? ie frequent flyer points. Which card will I show at check in for best value?
  2. slinky123

    Is there a Devaluation of Qantas Frequent Flyer Points coming?

    Hi everyone, Yesterday at work, I happened to be chatting to customer who has just recently cashed out all his Qantas Frequent Flyer points for Gift cards from the Qantas Shop. He told me that if I have any points that I should do the same as the program is being devalued in the very...
  3. G

    Best use of 200k Velocity points

    Hi all, I'm currently sitting on 150k Velocity points, & planning to buy 50k more when I reach 170k, as my main goal is SQ F to BKK next year. However, as currently SQ F Suites are only Dep SYD & would be put in J anyway for SIN - BKK anyway, & using the rest of the points for booking hotels...
  4. Smart86

    QF Status Bonus vs Loyalty Bonus

    Hello everyone, I have been reviewing my QF SCs and I keep coming back to this bonus offered by Qantas: Earn more with the Status Bonus and this Our Loyalty Bonus As a QF Silver, am I supposed to be getting a status bonus on each flight? Or is it all part of the loyalty bonus with magic words...
  5. Quickstatus

    Problem with QF Frequent Flyer Website

    Problems with QF FF System Status : WP Tonight was trying to book some award flights Specifically between OZ and SA and return Weird happenings Unable to modify search unless I start from homepage Can see award seats but unable to book Call up QF while online availability is visible but...
  6. G

    Flybuys subscription service trial: "Flybuys Max"

    SMH reporting on the 'quiet rollout' of a subscription model for Flybuys. $10 per month or $99 a year. Members receive: 5% discount on all fresh produce (including meat), or 10 points per dollar instead of 1 on fresh produce (member's choice) 10 points per dollar on fuel at Coles Express...
  7. L

    Amex Velocity Platinum - 60k sign up bonus with 100 status credit!

    A great card to get if you knee to get velocity points. Comes with 60k points as well as 100sc. Would appreciate if someone would be kind enough to use my referral link to apply. You get 60k points and I will get 60k points, I have been using amex cards for over 8 years and happy to assist in...
  8. W

    Need travel insurance that covers award bookings across multiple programs

    Amex advised me that my Qantas Ultimate and Platinum Edge travel insurance will not cover bookings if points were not redeemed from their programs - fair enough, no arguments there. I made several J award bookings (and hotel stays) outside of Amex points redemptions. Can anyone suggest paid...
  9. dxwell

    I never receive Velocity email offers but my wife does

    Hi, is there some secret to getting the velocity bonus and offer emails? My wife gets them all - bonus points, double SC, BP offers, etc. In my preferences I have all checkboxes ticked for email correspondence. Can you shed any light on this?
  10. M

    What’s the point of being in a loyalty program with qantas?

    i have been in the qantas frequent flyer program since 2003, as has my husband, we have been continuously at the gold status, travelling for both business and leisure. We undertake at least one overseas trip, sometimes 2 a year and several interstate trips. In that time we have only ever been...
  11. D

    How often do Velocity DSC offers happen?

    I'm hoping for a VA DSC to come along shortly, but I can't for the life of me remember when they have previously occurred. IIRC, both VA and QF have non-targeted DSC offers about twice a year, but can anyone place approximate months on these for me … please? I note from my VA history, I seemed...
  12. H

    Hi, new to AFF, used to work for QC and QFF programs.

    Hi there, new to AFF, upcoming flights to US and Canada with 2 kids...used to work for QC and QFF programs in their inbound call centre...
  13. C

    Retirement FF Program Advice

    I am retiring at the end of this year, and the 4x year plus AONEXs and all the other business travel on QF will come to an end. I am moving to Vancouver, Canada in May 19, and most of my travel following that move for about 3 or so years will be in the Americas, with a bit of YVR-LHR-YVR thrown...
  14. R

    Hi, new to AFF, used to work for QC and QFF programs.

    Hi there, new to AFF, upcoming flights to US and Canada with 2 kids...used to work for QC and QFF programs in their inbound call centre... RY
  15. davestan

    Extra Legroom Seats When Booking With Velocity Points

    Does anyone know if after you have booked economy seats on Etihad using Velocity points if you can then pay extra for exit row seats. I know with paid flights it's possible, but not sure with Reward flight from an Airline partner.
  16. I

    Can I still earn SCs/Velocity points on Air NZ flights?

    So I'm planning a trip to NZ (start of September), and I was hoping to experience Air NZ Premium Economy one last time but given the relationship breakdown and the October divorce settlement, will I earn SCs and all that on a flight if I was to book it today? I can't seem to find anything on...
  17. wendlle

    Best Current Velocity Credit Card offers

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any current good offers to get extra Velocity points via a credit card or other bonuses (lounge passes etc) I'm about to refinance the house and this includes them transferring a credit card balance which then has to be closed. So i'll be in the market for a new...
  18. Mh4k

    Star Alliance - which program has the best redemptions ex-AU?

    Hey guys Having not travelled for a few years I've started a new job which will have frequent (2-3 times a year) travel to the US. Travel will generally be on United. Company policy is all travel will be in business (mostly P class I think). I've previously been a OW flyer though my Qantas...
  19. T

    Which rewards program is best to fly Emirates?

    hi eveyrone, I know this is a bit generic, but is there a airline program, eg skywards, amex, virgin, Jal or similar that has the lowest points requirements+taxes/surcharges to fly Long haul F? finding it a bit hard to work out which is good, so far it seems that Skywards vs velocity...
  20. andye

    April 2018 SPG/Marriott programme update

    Lots of info around on the changes to the merged programmes-most of it not too bad at first sight Could I suggest keeping the discussion in the Marriott thread to avoid duplication?