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loyalty program

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  1. C

    Advice on booking LHR or TXL to SYD return flight for Mar-Apr via Frequent Flyer programmes

    Hi I am trying to get my head around what is the best way to book a journey (around a month long) departing from either London or Berlin to Sydney, departing mid March and returning mid April, for 2 people in Economy. I know BA, Qantas and some others have sales on right now, with a few...
  2. D

    Frequent Flyer Programs that Pools both status and points

    Hi all, Velocity's Family Pooling and Egypt Air Plus Family Miles are both frequent flyer programs that have the feature to pool both satus credits/miles in addition to redeemable miles, helping you reach elite status much faster. This feature, though, seems few and far between amongst other...
  3. V

    Frequent Flyer cards, are they still issued?

    My old card expired in September, as it does every year, but this year I still haven't received a new card. I contacted Qantas FF customer care via the website in October, but still haven't received a response from them (other than the automatic email).
  4. H

    ANZ Frequent Flyer Black double points offer

    Did anyone else get this targeted ANZ Frequent Flyer Black offer. Ends up being 2 QFF points per dollar for 3 months, capped at $7500 per month. From the email Enjoy a bonus Qantas Point for 3 months on every $1 spent! BOOST YOUR EARN RATE ON YOURANZ FREQUENT FLYER BLACK CREDIT CARD Hi...
  5. bigjobs

    Pay 20 bucks for row 4 ... status doesn't matter

    lol, just went to select seat for flight from SYD to BNE later this week and row 4 is available for selection ... click on it and I am asked to pay 20 bucks ... WP level. What is this BS? When did it start?
  6. QF WP

    Answered Best Oneworld FF program for booking?

    It's been such a long time since I've investigated the benefits of one versus another, but doing so for a NZ friend. He's flying on 8th November. To my knowledge he's only a member of AirNZ, but on this trip is flying with his brother and booking made by TA on oneworld carriers. Presume discount...
  7. B

    Treatment on points seat vs revenue or just rude crew?

    I flew BNE-LAX in The Business recently and I have to say I was rather underwhelmed. I've read before that AFF members have felt they're treated differently than passengers who paid cash for their fare rather than on points. Lucky me scored the magical reward seat a few days from departure...
  8. F

    Is it worth Joining Thai Airways Frequent Flyer Program

    Am about to recommence flying both domestically and internationally after a few years firmly grounded. I currently have QC Membership and lifetime silver (close to Lifetime Gold) as well as a member of Virgin Frequent flyer programme with the lowest level status at present. I will be travelling...
  9. D

    Garuda [ MEL-DPS in J class using points? ]

    Hi - has anyone booked Melbourne - Bali on Garuda in J class using points? Which ff program is best ...Delta? Thanks for your help ....
  10. V

    Upcoming bookings not appearing in Frequent Flyer account

    After I made some changes via the contact centre to a booking, it has disappeared from my frequent flyer account. If I use Manage My Booking with the reference number, my FF number is already there when I go to edit my details. Should I be worried?
  11. Mattg

    New Virgin Group (UK) loyalty program

    Looks like Virgin Atlantic Flying Club is morphing into a new combined loyalty program for the Virgin Group. As far as I can tell though, this is only in the UK and doesn't affect Virgin Australia...
  12. 6

    Moving to Thailand, should i sign up to Thai or Singapore frequent flyer program?

    Hi all, I'm moving from Sydney to Bangkok for work. I'm leaving as QF Platinum and have checked with Thai, they will not status match i'm not sure what SQ are like with this.. As i will be starting from scratch with star alliance, was wondering if the group had thoughts or experience on...
  13. Mattg

    Benefits for Qantas Frequent Flyers on Westjet?

    Just wondering if anyone has flown Westjet with Qantas status? Are there any sort of benefits available, e.g. complimentary checked bags, etc.? The Qantas website is rather light on information about its Westjet partnership, other than that you can earn and redeem Qantas points with them. I'm...
  14. B

    BP velocity terminal not working..... help?

    Hey all, So there's a great promotion on at BP currently where I think it's 4 points per dollar or litre or something like that. Anyway, filled up with $200 worth of the finest and when I went to pay the velocity terminal was down and I wasn't able to swipe. I've kept the receipt.... any idea...
  15. R

    Velocity Amex not able to withdraw cash in USA?

    Has anyone tried to use the Velocity Amex card at an ATM in the USA? I just get transaction cancelled. I have used it to pay for hotels just can’t get cash. Anyone experienced this? I know I could withdraw cash in Australia.
  16. G

    How to best use 200k Velocity points

    Hi all, I'm currently sitting on 150k Velocity points, & planning to buy 50k more when I reach 170k, as my main goal is SQ F to BKK next year. However, as currently SQ F Suites are only Dep SYD & would be put in J anyway for SIN - BKK anyway, I'm considering just booking J MEL-SIN-BKK & using...
  17. D

    Get Etihad or Velocity points on flight

    I’m flying to Cairo then Casablanca and returning to Sydney all on Etihad flights. I’m a member of both Etihad and Virgin frequent flyer programs. Which points should I get? ie frequent flyer points. Which card will I show at check in for best value?
  18. slinky123

    Is there a Devaluation of Qantas Frequent Flyer Points coming?

    Hi everyone, Yesterday at work, I happened to be chatting to customer who has just recently cashed out all his Qantas Frequent Flyer points for Gift cards from the Qantas Shop. He told me that if I have any points that I should do the same as the program is being devalued in the very...
  19. G

    Best use of 200k Velocity points

    Hi all, I'm currently sitting on 150k Velocity points, & planning to buy 50k more when I reach 170k, as my main goal is SQ F to BKK next year. However, as currently SQ F Suites are only Dep SYD & would be put in J anyway for SIN - BKK anyway, & using the rest of the points for booking hotels...
  20. Smart86

    QF Status Bonus vs Loyalty Bonus

    Hello everyone, I have been reviewing my QF SCs and I keep coming back to this bonus offered by Qantas: Earn more with the Status Bonus and this Our Loyalty Bonus As a QF Silver, am I supposed to be getting a status bonus on each flight? Or is it all part of the loyalty bonus with magic words...